21 October 2020

10 Amazing Food & Culinary Tours & Trips 2020

One of the best ways to get to know a new country is by diving headfirst into its culture – and what better way to do that than by digging into a delicious plate of local food? With culinary tour packages, not only will you get to experience everything your destination has to offer, you’ll get a unique glimpse of everyday life in places like Japan, Vietnam, and Italy, to name a few!

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Choose your dream food tour destination

A country’s food is usually one of the most unique and special things about it, so every destination around the world can be home to an amazing culinary tour destination! North America is famous for barbecue and game meat, Asia’s spices and unique flavour combinations can’t be missed, and Europe is a food capital of the world. Where is your dream culinary tour destination?

  • Europe

    239 Tours

    It’s not hard to see why Europe is such a popular food tour destination! Between France’s hearty, traditional cooking and incredible drink scene (champagne, anyone?), Italy’s reputation for having the best pizza and pasta in the world, and the hundreds of other unique cuisines you’ll encounter during your travels, a food tour of Europe is an amazing way to travel.

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  • Asia

    80 Tours

    Travellers in search of authentic experiences would do well to embark on a food tour in Asia! A far cry from your local Chinese restaurant, the spices, lively street food atmosphere, and centuries of tradition all come together in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and India to provide travellers with their new favourite food experiences.

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  • Middle East

    4 Tours

    Middle Eastern food is some of the most flavourful, unique, and delicious around, and visiting Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Israel come with a healthy dose of history and culture too! Perfect for vegetarian travellers, enjoy all the falafel you can eat in between visiting gorgeous ancient sites and taking in incredible natural beauty.

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  • South America

    18 Tours

    If you like spice, local ingredients, and fresh food, a food tour in South America could be your perfect next adventure! Sip on pisco sours in Peru, feast on steak in Argentina, or try Colombian coffee; some of the best dishes in the world have their roots in South America.

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  • Africa

    11 Tours

    Speaking of fresh ingredients, a culinary tour in Africa combines tradition with fresh new ideas about cooking – and, more importantly, eating! Take a trip to Morocco and sample mint tea and lamb, or head to South Africa, where your seafood will be straight-from-the-ocean fresh.

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  • North America

    8 Tours

    One of the best parts of travelling in the USA and Canada is the countries are so expansive that no two trips are the same! Depending on where you travel, you could be experiencing cutting-edge experimental food, traditional home cooking, or something entirely different: it’s up to you!

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  • Australia

    14 Tours

    Some of Australia’s cities, like Sydney and Melbourne, are home to an emerging food scene that rivals even some of the most famous cities around the world. If you want to get in on the action, a food tour in Australia is the perfect way to make the most out of your travel time.

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  • India Real Food Adventure

    15 days from €1,780

    • Indulge in puri bhaji of Delhi

    • Munch on delicious kambori at Amber Fort

    • Learn Rajasthani cooking techniques

    • Marvel at the Taj Mahal

  • Japan Real Food Adventure

    12 days from €3,940

    • Learn how to make soba

    • Sample Japanese whiskeys

    • Eat like a sumo wrestler

    • Explore the rural countryside

  • Sicily Food Adventure

    8 days from €1,749

    • Sample Sicily’s world-class street food

    • Meet the locals in the quaint fishing village of Sciacca

    • Tantalise your tastebuds with delicious fresh produce

    • Wander through the Baroque streets of Noto

  • Vietnam Food Explorer

    12 days from €1,995

    • Take a boat ride through Bai Chay

    • Enjoy a candlelit dinner on the water

    • Sample the popular rice vermicelli

    • Explore the Forbidden Purple City

  • Vietnam Food Adventure

    10 days from €1,599

    • Receive yoga and tai chi lessons

    • Try authentic breakfast Pho

    • Visit Truong Xuan teahouse

    • Learn to cook Vietnamese food

  • -3%

    Gourmet Rome, Sorrento & Capri

    8 days from €1,561 €1,515

    • Admire the pastel-coloured hues of the Amalfi Coast

    • Savour pastries and coffee over views in Positano

    • Soak up the vibrant atmosphere in stunning Sorrento

    • Live the life of the rich and famous on the Isle of Capri

    • Bon appetit! Tuck into some classic pizza in Naples

  • Vegan Food Europe Explorer (End Budapest, 8 Days)

    8 days from €1,671

  • Wines of Tuscany & Cinque Terre (4 days/3 nights)

    4 days from €789

    • Visit an italian wine cellar

    • Explore the streets of Siena

    • See the small fishing village of Vernazza

    • Taste Italian flavours at a farmhouse

  • -5%

    Morocco Food Explorer

    12 days from €1,780 €1,691

    • Visit the cinematic Casablanca

    • Feast on classic Moroccan cuisine

    • Explore the walled fortress of Kasbah

    • Pay homage at ancient tombs

  • Local Food & UNESCO Heritage

    7 days from €860

    • Enter to the Berat Castle

    • Explore churches in Butrint National Park

    • Enjoy the Llogara National Park

  • Sri Lanka Real Food Adventure

    12 days from €1,610

  • Mexico Real Food Adventure

    9 days from €1,245

    • Sample delicious Mexican desserts

    • Explore the markets of Oaxaca

    • Take cooking classes from locals

    • Go on a ‘taco crawl’

  • Vietnam Real Food Adventure

    12 days from €1,490

    • Learn about the Vietnamese cuisine

    • Enjoy a bicycle tour of herb gardens

    • Tour the floating markets by boat

    • Experience unique cooking classes

  • Taste of Salento-Authentic Culinary Experience

    7 days from €1,990

    • Tantalise your tastebuds by sipping on local wines

    • Learn the art of olive oil production by an expert

    • Try your hand at mastering the art of pasta making

    • Visit Castro and the prehistoric cave of Zinzulusa

  • Cambodia Real Food Adventure

    9 days from €995

    • Visit Kampot, famous of its pepper

    • Watch fishing boats arrive in the morning

    • Explore Angkor Wat

    • Learn about Khmer food culture

  • Thailand Real Food Adventure

    8 days from €1,045

    • Follow in the footsteps of Joan and Jessica

    • Slurp noodles alongside the locals in Bangkok

    • Get lost in the hustle and bustle of Thai food markets

    • Whip up an authentic jungle curry in Kanchanaburi

    • Enjoy home cooking with a local family in Chiang Mai

  • -14%

    Small Group Sicily Food & Wine Tour

    8 days from €1,395 €1,195

  • Northern Spain Real Food Adventure

    10 days from €2,385

    • Sip locally produced cava

    • Visit Santa Catarina Market

    • Take a train to wine country

    • Explore Laguardia’s wine caves

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Popular countries for culinary tours

With so much delicious food to be tasted around the world, how do you even begin to choose where you’ll visit on your culinary tour? From India to Italy, here are just a few of our favourite destinations for food tours.

  • Italy

    96 Tours

    Italy is one of the most popular destinations for food tours – how often do you hear people talking about how they wish they could eat nothing but pizza all day? For travellers looking to truly see the best of Italy, a food tour may be the perfect option – from sampling wine in Florence to bar-hopping in Venice to, yes, enjoying delicious pizza in Rome, the opportunities are endless in Italy.

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  • France

    45 Tours

    Who doesn’t want to spend a day (or a week) enjoying all of the food (and wine!) France has to offer? From the north’s hearty dishes to the south’s delicate seafood, you’d be hard-pressed to find a foodie who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend some time on a food tour of France – especially if the tour includes a stop in Paris, of course!

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  • India

    14 Tours

    Indian food is known for being rich, layered, and, most importantly, delicious – but for travellers who want to venture beyond their usual curries, a food tour to India will take them on an adventure through local delicacies and perfected versions of the more general dishes most tourists are familiar with.

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  • Spain

    23 Tours

    For a small country, Spain is filled to the brim with delicious food and drink – and a food tour is a wonderful way of exploring the country’s distinct regions. A culinary tour of Spain can involve sampling local cured meats, eating paella beach-side, or sipping wine in Barcelona – or all three, and more. 

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  • Vietnam

    15 Tours

    Vietnamese food is much more than pho and banh mi! Vietnam’s food scene is influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. In Vietnam, you’ll find balanced food that sticks to the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and plenty of friendly locals ready to share their cuisine with you!

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  • Georgia

    5 Tours

    Thanks to Georgia’s place on the Silk Road, the country’s cuisine has enjoyed ancient traditions shaping it to its current state. On a food tour in Georgia, make sure to check out the local wine – it’s produced in authentic underground clay pots which date back to the 8th century BCE!

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  • Croatia

    6 Tours

    Each region of Croatia enjoys its own distinct culinary tradition, which means a food tour here makes for an excellent way to get to know the country in a really special way. However, one thing that unites most of the regions is delicious, fresh seafood!

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What to expect on a food tour

  • Local products

    What’s the point of travelling for the food if what you eat isn’t the best, freshest, most locally-sourced it can be? On a culinary tour, that much is guaranteed: you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your destination through beautiful local ingredients.

  • Authentic experience

    You may think you’re familiar with your destination’s cuisine, but until you’re eating the food lovingly prepared by locals who’ve been doing this for their whole lives, you may not truly understand everything that goes into it – and how delicious it can be.

  • In-depth cuisine

    More than just enjoying feasting on the local food, on a culinary tour you’ll have the opportunity to gain a new respect for the tradition that goes into making your new favourite dishes, as well as experiencing completely authentic meals – from the food to the atmosphere to the people you enjoy it with.

What activities to try on a culinary tour

  • Cycling

    When you’re travelling to a destination famous for its markets, such as Vietnam, exploring the winding roads and busy market stalls by bike is the perfect way to slow things down and relax – and the fact that it burns off some of the food you’re eating doesn’t hurt, either!

  • Cooking

    We promise: once you return home from your food tour, you’re going to find yourself craving your new favourite dishes! Taking a cooking class during your trip is a way to gain respect for the tradition that goes into making your food, and it’s a great way to share your travels long after you’re home.

  • Living locally

    Culinary tours allow you to fully immerse yourself in the culture of your destination, so while you’re there, make sure you do everything you can to live like a local. Skip the chains and tourist hot-spots, and visit local favourites instead! Not only will you have a great time, you’ll be supporting the people who call your destination home.

Tours for every type of traveller

  • Solo


    Looking for an Eat, Pray, Love adventure of your own? Culinary vacation packages are a great way for solo travellers to connect with like-minded individuals without compromising the freedom that solo travel affords.

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  • Couple


    Couples who cook together, stay together! Travel to some of the world’s most amazing culinary destinations with your special someone and enjoy delicious food and drink together – what could be more perfect?

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  • Family

    3422 Tours

    Cooking can be a family affair! Travel with your loved ones and learn tips and tricks that the whole family will love long after you all return home. 

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  • Seniors


    Culinary tours are great for senior travellers – not only are they a great way to see a new place, they often travel at a slower, more relaxed pace. Travellers of all ages and backgrounds can find a culinary tour they’ll love!

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  • What food can I expect?

    While the exact food will vary from tour to tour, a food tour promises travellers a deep dive into their destination’s local cuisine. Come prepared to try new things, eat authentic food that you may be unfamiliar with, and, overall, to eat like a local! Food tours provide a unique experience, ensuring that each traveller comes out of their trip with a new understanding of their destination.

  • I have dietary restrictions, can I still join the tour?

    Of course! You should always check with your tour operator before you book to make sure any dietary restrictions can be met, but, generally speaking, vegetarian travellers should be fine on any food tour, while there are other tours that are specifically tailored for vegan and gluten-free travellers. Research your tour operator before booking to make sure your dietary needs can be met on your food tour!

  • I have food allergies, will the tour be safe for me?

    Travellers with allergies should always make sure to inform their tour operator, as well as their tour leader, of any allergies. Make sure to always travel with necessary medication, and to have a plan in case of emergency – if the worst happens, your travel companions and tour leader should know what to do.

  • How big is the tour group?

    The size of tour group varies depending on the tour. Some groups will be up to 20-30 people, while others are much smaller, including private tours. If you have an ideal group size in mind, check with your tour operator in advance to determine their average group size.

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