10 Tips That Will Improve Your Life, Now!

When we think about our life, we must think about our body. Keeping our mind and body in good health is essential for a long and active life. We must incorporate exercise into our weekly routine to keep our physical frame strong and reduce our stress. We must also be mindful of what goes inside our bodies to stave off chronic illness and keep our delicate system in good condition.

Here are 10 tips to get you on the road to a better you:

1. Morning Movement
Begin each morning with gentle stretching, yoga, Pilates or a brisk walk. Whenever possible, let the
sunlight hit your face and skin so it can assist the production of serotonin which is our feel good, happy,
calm and content hormone.

2. Prepare Your Own Food
Control the quality and quantity of oil, salt and sugar that is used in your meals by preparing your own. It will save you money and allow you to maintain a healthier diet. Instead of processed foods, fill your plate with fresh produce.

3. Lower Cholesterol
According to Dr. Eugenia Gianos, cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, you can lower your cholesterol levels through dietary and lifestyle changes. So, fill up on fiber-rich foods like oatmeal, apples, prunes, and beans that keeps your body from absorbing too much cholesterol. Avoid meats like beef, lamb, pork and poultry with skin. When you eat healthier, you not only reduce your cholesterol, but you reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease, stroke, or atherosclerosis.

4. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
With some lifestyle changes, you can reduce your risk of heart disease and reverse damages from unhealthy habits. Try eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich whole grains, nuts, legumes and seeds. Plus, opt for fish like omega-3-rich salmon over red meats or even try eating some meals without meat and dairy products all-together. You can start out with “Meatless Monday.”

5. Mid-Day Movement
Go for a walk after lunch as a quick pick-me-up instead of going for that second cup of coffee. Studies suggest that regular walking can assist in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and maintaining a healthy weight.

6. Eliminate Stress
Chronic stress exposes your body to unhealthy, persistently elevated levels of stress hormones like
adrenaline and cortisol. Try easing your mind through meditation, talk or physical therapy and/or

7. Control Blood Sugar


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