10 Unusual Fashion Hacks and Tips

April 25, 2015Robyn Paterson

1. Use a panty liner in your garment to stop absorb underarm sweat.

2. Cut pool noodles to size and place inside long boots to hold shape.

3. Re-use the disposable shower caps provided by hotels to pack your shoes. This protects your clothing.

4. Snap a pair of clip on earrings on to shoes or a shirt collar for instant bling.

5. Keep double sided tape handy for emergency hem repairs or holding a gaping shirt.

6. Clean patent leather shoes and bags with window cleaner.

7. Shaving cream removes liquid make-up from collars. Rub with a damp cloth.

8. Place a stocking over the vacuum cleaner hose and then use the vacuum to locate very small items such as the back of an earring.

9. White wine will remove red wine spilled on clothing.

10. Put dry tea bags into your shoes to prevent or remove odours.

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