11 Best Online Side Hustles To Make Extra Money

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I know you want to make extra money online. Whatever be the reason behind it, like paying debt, rent, bills, loans, or need some money, which will help you in chasing your dreams. Many people want to make some extra cash because it helps them feel more financially confident.

Because we all know that for many people, their 9 to 5 jobs don’t pay for their dreams, it just helps them to feed their needs.
Having an extra income stream is always a good thing if you’re making $1000 per month apart from your day job. Then that will definitely make your life more comfortable from the financial point of view.

A side hustle is a side job apart from your 9 to 5 full day job, which you can start in your spare time. A side job helps you to make you $200 – $1000 or more every month.
There are lots of ways to make some extra money online in your free time. In this article, I’m going through 11 Best Online Side Hustles To Make Extra Money. 

So let’s dive into it.

A blog is a kind of website where people write articles that highly focused on a niche. Having a niche blog is very important for building a targeted audience and creating a profitable blog. You can start a blog topic around you passionate about it or have some experience that could be helpful for others. 

Blogging is not a quick process to make money, and it takes time to make money with blogging. But once you built your audience, then you can make $1000 to $10,000 a month from your blog.

There are lots of ways to monetize a blog like ads, affiliate marketing, guest post, etc.

Here are some of the mine articles about blogging that will help you to create a blog –

Youtube has massive potential that you can reach out to millions of peoples all over the world. You might know that Youtube is the second largest search engine with 2 billion monthly active users. So definitely there is something for everyone.

If you are skilled in something that would help peoples or entertains them and you can create videos about it. Then Youtube is the platform for you. Create videos and upload those videos on Youtube. Of course, Youtube set a milestone of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time, within a year for showing ads on your videos. But if you do things consistently and giving your hundred percent, then you’ll be paid later for all your efforts and hard work.

You can monetize your Youtube videos with ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored videos, etc. No doubt you can make a decent amount of money with Youtube.

Instagram is a great platform. Many brands and business owners want to hire Instagram influencers for promoting their products. Instagram influencers get paid around $100 to $300 for a single post. Price may be more or less. It all depends on your followers and what kind of content you are producing.

Sponsors are willing to pay Instagram influencers for posting, why? Here is the reason behind it. Many people have an intention to buy when they see someone else is already using that product and having great results from it.

From a business point of view, Instagram is more often popular for fashion, makeup & beauty, photography, food, cooking, etc. So if you’re interested in these categories, then you can start an Instagram page around any of those categories. I’m not saying here that other niches will not be compatible with Instagram. I’m just saying that those are the popular once on the platform. If you’re in those niches, you can grow an Instagram page way faster than any other niche.

The key to becoming successful as an Instagram influencer is becoming a brand, building an audience (Followers), and stay consistent.

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for virtual assistants. If you’re skilled in something that could you offer doing remotely for anyone, then you can make money for doing that. A virtual assistant is a kind of personal assistant who works in a remote location. And manage other people’s work like posting and growing social media, managing websites, and blogs, etc.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have much time for posting on their social media on a daily basis, updating their websites and blogs, or maybe they don’t know how to do that, and they wanted to keep their presence on those platforms. So they hire a virtual assistant who is specialized in those things. Let me tell you, Pinterest is a broad source for bringing traffic to websites and blogs, but many people do not know how to use it effectively. And they look for the person who does that work.

This is one of the best online side hustles as well. As a virtual assistant, you can set your work time for a week, such as the number of hours you work. And how much you charge for an hour. You can offer your VA service on websites like Upwork. 

If you hear this term Affiliate Marketing first time. Then Affiliate Marketing is a kind of process. Where you promote someone’s product or service and when a purchase made through your referral link (Affiliate link). You will then receive a commission from the product vendor.

The revenue from affiliate marketing depends on which products you are promoting and the size of your audience. There are some popular affiliate networks like Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, ShareASale, ClickBank, etc. which you can join to start your affiliate marketing journey.

If you want to build a long term affiliate marketing business, then you need an audience. And for that, you need a platform where you build your brand and following. It could be your blog, Youtube channel, Instagram page, or something like that. So in the future, you can monetize those following with affiliate marketing.

Here are some articles that give your better insights about affiliate marketing – 

This one of this best online side hustles. If you have skillset about content writing, blog post writing, copywriting, etc. Then freelance writing definitely would be your best online side hustle for making $1000 extra a month. Many freelance writers are making a decent amount of money for writing content for others. As a side hustle, you can make $500 to $1000 or more every month.

For becoming a freelance writer, you need to be a skillful writer. I mean, you have to be precise and versatile on your spelling, grammar, and avoid the similar phrases for different articles.

There are sites like Upwork, and Fiverr you can join for selling your freelance writing service.

There are lots of content creators on the internet, but those are not professional writers. They are writing their content and making mistakes. The mistakes might be on spelling and grammar. So you can correct their errors as a proofreader and earn money with it.

You don’t need any master’s degree in English to become a proofreader. If you have good knowledge about content writing and grammars errors finding and fixing it, then proofreading is an excellent choice as a side hustle. 

As a proofreader, you have to establish a trustworthy profile first. And for that earn some high-grade testimonials, offer your service at the lowest cost than anyone. If it is possible, then do some jobs without charging any fee, just for writing a great review. In that way, you can able to create a good looking and attractive profile. That will helps to land more clients on your profile.

Again Upwork & Fiverr are great sites for selling this kind of service.

I already mentioned Fiverr in this article couple of times. See in ‘Become A Freelance Writer‘ and ‘Become A Proofreader’ sections. Fiverr is a website where online freelancers sell their services. If you have any service that useful for other people and it’s an online freelance service like Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Video Editing, Translation, etc. 

Which you can do on any remote location, then Fiverr is a great marketplace for selling those gigs.

You can add different types of gigs on Fiverr, if you have a variety of services, then list those services on Fiverr.

There are lots of people, especially high school and college students who want to learn new skills and courses that will help them in their present or future classes. So here is a high demand for online courses, and you can make a decent side income with an online course.

Creating an online course is a kind of building an income stream that pays you passively in the future. If you have strong technical knowledge of any topic such as Graphic Designing, Website Creation, Programming & Coding, etc. then you can create an e-course about it. If you are interested in producing an online course, Udemy is an excellent platform for this. You can charge a reasonable cost for your e-course.

If you want to get paid for your photography, then this side hustle is just for you. So if you’re passionate about photography and you can deliver high-quality images for commercial use, then you can monetize those images by selling on stock images sites. There are many stock image sites like iStock, Shutterstock, Getty Image, etc. where you can sell your stock photos. 

Many people don’t like to take surveys but am including this as a side hustle because this is a kind of thing that you can use for making some extra bucks in your spare time. A typical survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete. 

There are some great online survey sites such as Survey Junkie, Prize Rebel, Swagbucks, and more, which you can use to make quick money for a cup of coffee.

Above featured 11 Best Online Side Hustles To Make Extra Money. You can use this best online side hustles to make extra money. Hopefully, this article provides you better insights about the best online side hustles. Share your experience with any of those side hustle and let me know in the comment section what you think about this article. 

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