12 Genius Fashion Tips For Women With Small Boobs

Do you have small boobs and need invaluable fashion tips to make you look like a stunner? Size doesn’t matter, it’s all about how you dress up! Check out these essential fashion tips!

Most women think that having big breasts is more of a problem than having small ones. Truth is, not really. While you and I both wish to have the perfect bust size, we’re not all that blessed. Hence, we must make do with what we have and still rock it every day regardless of our bra size. I say, do not worry girl! If you are flat-chested or have small boobs, these essential fashion tips will surely help you find the right clothes to wear.

1. Put the spotlight on your arms | Fashion Tips for Women

A good trick to take away the spotlight from your chest is to put it on another one of your great features–your arms! If you have slender arms, show it off! Go for sleeveless tops and tanks. This is another reason why strapless dresses are great on you, it highlights the shoulders and the arms more.

2. Show off that neck | Fashion Tips for Women

Flat-chested women should show off their necks. Just like putting the spotlight on your shoulders and arms, this time, you are highlighting your decolletage (it’s always sexy!). Doing this can mask your small boobs since people will be looking at the extra skin you’re showing off. Wear scoop necks, V-necks, crew necks and cowl neckline tops.

3. The bandeau appeal | Fashion Tips for Women

The bandeau top is definitely cute and you’re a lucky girl to be able to wear one with no problems at all. Bandeau tops are perfect for women with small boobs as these tops add fullness to the chest area. Bustier women find it difficult to wear bandeau tops without worrying about having a wardrobe malfunction. But with you, you get the best of both worlds—a fuller chest with not much support needed.

4. Off with the bra | Fashion Tips for Women

One of the most important things you must know is that small-busted women enjoy more versatility when it comes to your fashion choices. For instance, a flat-chested woman will have no hesitation wearing a backless top or dress because there’s really no need to wear a full-support bra, unlike busty women.

Aside from the lack of need for full-support bras, you’ll actually enjoy not worrying about your bra peeking out from your backless dress because you can simply go braless! This is your advantage and you must own it.

It’s the same case when you wear a strapless top or dress. These types of clothes are a challenge for busty women due to the lack of support. But with you, you can pull it off easily. You can still maintain a chic and elegant look when you go braless. So… off with the bras!

5. Layer it up | Fashion Tips for Women

An easy way to make your bust appear bigger is to layer your tops. You have all the freedom to layer up because your frame won’t look too bulky as opposed to how busty women would look. Fall and winter seasons are the best times to do multiple layers in order to make your breasts look fuller. For the warmer seasons, going with the preppy look is always a win!

6. Go androgynous | Fashion Tips for Women

I mentioned versatility earlier and this is a good example of how flexible your wardrobe can be. Not busty? Not curvy? That’s fine because you can go for androgynous looks every once in a while. Wear a suit to the office or go more manly with your clothes, whatever way you prefer, you’ll look great in them!

It’s not just about the clothes, your hair and makeup are just as important. Love this look right here!


7. Sheer is fine | Fashion Tips for Women

Planning to wear something sheer or transparent? Go for it! Women with a petite chest area can pull off this look without a hitch. You’ll look even more chic and stylish, unlike women with big breasts who will look too exposed.

8. Rock chunky sweaters | Fashion Tips for Women

Let’s be clear, we do not recommend that flat-chested or busty women wear baggy clothes. That’s because baggy clothes are unflattering on anyone and actually more unflattering on flat-chested women. Nonetheless, wearing chunky knitted sweaters is an exception. Chunky knits are flattering on skinny and slender frames and they add fullness to the chest area without adding bulkiness.

9. The power of colors | Fashion Tips for Women

Busty women have a limited color range when it comes to choosing tops. Since they don’t want their chest to appear bigger than they already are, they choose darker colors for tops. But in your case, the sky is the limit when it comes to colors. Go light, bold, bright or neon—you’ll be able to rock each shade! However, do stay away from dark colors as this can make your chest look smaller too.

10. Top play | Fashion Tips for Women

Aside from the colors, busty women tend to shy away from tops with too much detail and embellishments since these things can make the chest appear bigger. But for flat-chested women, you are encouraged to wear tops with ruffles, frills and other details like pleats and pockets. These details will add shape to your flat chest. Additionally, enjoy wearing horizontal stripes too! They’ll look smashing on you!

11. The right bottom | Fashion Tips for Women

While your top may be the center of attention, you can only pull off the look if you wear the right bottoms. The goal is to achieve the balance between your upper and lower body. So if you have a smaller upper body, your bottom must compensate for it. What can you wear? Bootcut and flare pants are great. Loose flowy skirts are wonderful too!

12. Be confident | Fashion Tips for Women

The last tip I want to leave with you is to always be confident in what you wear. Your bra size shouldn’t be a measure of your sexiness, appeal or confidence. Whether or not you are blessed with small or big boobs, own your body! Always be confident and that will translate into awesomeness! Take Kylie Jenner as a good example here, she exudes confidence whether she’s wearing a sweater or a bathing suit!

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Did I help ease your troubled mind? Well, that’s awesome! That’s what I’m here for–to be your happy and willing little helper. But seriously, the size of your boobs shouldn’t be an issue. Truth is, small-busted women have more freedom with the clothes they wear compared to women with big boobs. You can be versatile without sacrificing comfort. My one piece of advice? OWN IT! And when you’ve learned to embrace what you have, slay it girl…everyday!

Do you have other tricks in the book for small-busted women? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on November 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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