13 Sewing Hacks that are Pure Genius

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was a small child and I have loved to do it ever since. Of course, it hasn’t always been easy. It’s been tricky to learn the ins and outs of the craft and I have definitely gotten frustrated some of the time! Fortunately, my grandmother was always around to teach me a sewing hack or two. Her sewing tips and tricks made it easier to get past the learning curve and truly excel as a sewer. Keep reading below for my favorite ones from my grandma and other great internet sources.

Save Money On Thread

Martha Stewart recommends buying the larger spools of thread and then placing the spool in a teacup so you can use the thread as-is (otherwise it won’t fit). This is a great way to save money (large spools are more for your money) and save time (no more switching thread all the time)! Plus, who wouldn’t trust Martha Stewart’s sewing hacks?

The Best Way To Sew A Zipper

Ashley from Make It & Love It knows the best way to install a regular zipper while maintaining a lovely seam all the way down. Sews the project up, and then unpick the length of the zipper. This hack will improve the quality of all your zipper installations!

DIY Pincushion

Make your own pincushion by sewing together some old fabric scraps. Leave a corner open and then stuff the pincushion full of steel wool. The steel wool will keep your needles in place, while simultaneously sharpening them! There is not much better than that!

Bobbin Toe Separator Hack

Manoa Road keeps her bobbins organized with the help of toe separators! This is a great way to bring some organization to your sewing room.

Crisp Corner Sewing Hack

Trim the edges of your corner seams before turning your project inside out. The corner will look much crisper because there’s less fabric in the way! This is a great way to make your sewing projects look more professional.

Bias Tape Trick

Dana from Dana Made It shows us the correct–and easy–way to sew on bias tape. With her help, you’ll be able to sew bias tape onto even the sharpest corners. I can’t believe I’ve been doing it wrong for so long!

Sew Ric Rac On

Use the tutorial from Abby at Go To Sew  to sew ric rac onto any project perfectly. Ric Rac is great for pillows and children’s clothes, so its crucial that you know how to sew with it.

Make Your Own Bias Tape

Scientific Seamstress has a tutorial (and printable!) for a bias tape maker. This simple tool makes creating your own bias tape the easiest thing ever! Plus, when you make your own tape, you have so many more options for fabric & patterns! You can make tape that perfectly matches your project.

Fit Your Pattern To Size

Burda Style explains the best ways to shorten or lengthen any pattern you’re working with. If patterns never quite fit right because you’re either too tall or too short, don’t worry! Burda’s got your back. I was surprised at how easy this is! Lengthening or shortening doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Pin Your Projects Correctly

Andrea on Go To Sew shows us the correct way to use pins on sewing projects. If you use pins correctly, you can save loads of time on your sewing projects, and your projects will turn out a million times better. Such a simple and useful sewing hack!

Make Your Own Shirring

Ruffles & Stuff has a tutorial that explains how to create shirring with elastic thread. I love the look of shirring, but I always thought it was really difficult to make. Turns out it’s pretty easy if you use elastic thread. I need to stock up on that stuff!

Refit A Dress Shirt

Take in a dress shirt with this tutorial from Indigo Orchid Altering clothes is a great way to get a custom fit, and it can be surprisingly easy. So if your clothes are hanging a little funny, don’t throw them away, just use this tip.

Perfect Arm Holes

The Seasoned Homemaker shares sewing hacks to edge an armhole with bias tape. This is an easy way to get a beautiful finish on your garment. It will help make your clothing 100% professional. Good luck with these hacks! I hope they make your sewing experience more enjoyable.


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