17 Affordable Decorating Hacks From Top Designers

Striped Walls Work Wonders

One flip through Vern Yip’s new book, Design Wise, and it’s evident that the designer’s got a thing for horizontal-striped walls. “They lend movement to a space, and visually expand rooms that are really narrow or odd in shape,” he explains. And you (you!) can pull them off in a weekend, as long as you consider these three factors before grabbing the painter’s tape and brush.

How to do stripes right:

1. Opt for a foolproof width. Stripes of 8 to 12 inches are best for a wall that’s 84 to 120 inches high, says Yip. “Otherwise, the room feels too busy.”

2. Choose colors that harmonize. Pairing variations of one tone is subtle. For a bolder look, try a bright hue with warm gray. “It goes with anything,” Yip says.

3. Vary the sheen. Highlight the different colors even more by alternating glossy and matte stripes, suggests Yip. “It’s super sophisticated.”


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