17 Best Money-Saving Decor DIY Hacks and Tips

learn how to decorate on a Budget with our 17 money-saving DIY Hacks!

Here are our favorite DIY hacks & decorating shortcuts designed to save you money without compromising style. Use your creativity and not your credit card.

If you love DIY and budget-friendly decorating, this is the ultimate post for you. We are Jodie and Julie, The Design Twins. We are budget decorators who love sharing our ideas so you can love your home. Are you dreaming of creating spectacular before-and-after’s but think that a small budget stands in your way? Think again. A tight budget is no obstacle when you’re armed with our money-saving DIY hacks and tips. In this article Jodie and I have gathered our very best money-saving, do-it-yourself projects and decorating tricks so you can create the home of your dreams on a small budget, just like we’ve done. And we’ve linked our favorite step-by-step blog posts for all the DIY projects, so you’ll know just how to achieve the look.

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  • Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart
  • 1. Move Your Furniture
  • 2. DIY Hacks: Repurpose Old Furniture
  • 3. Add Greenery
  • 4. DIY Hack: Drop Cloth Curtains
  • 5. Smart Shopping Tip: Shop Value
  • 6. Paint the Walls
  • 7. Add an Area Rug
  • 8. DIY Hack: Pipe Shelves
  • 9. Install Crown Molding
  • 10. Wallpaper
  • 11. Change Out Hardware
  • 12. Peel and Stick Decals
  • 13. DIY Hack: Wall Art
  • 14. Create a Gallery Wall
  • 15. Smart Shopping Tip
  • 16. DIY Hack: No Hardwiring Lighting
  • 17. DIY Hack: Farmhouse Signs
  • DIY Hacks & Smart Shopping

Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

Jodie and I love being part of The Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart Influencer Network. We love representing a brand that provides quality style at affordable prices. We receive compensation for our time and efforts in creating this post. Our convenient shopping links help support our blog work but add no additional cost to you. All our opinions are authentically our own, and as always, we hope you enjoy.  For more ideas from the talented BHG Live Better Influencer Network click HERE.

1. Move Your Furniture

Rethink your space. To really do this it takes a bit of commitment. In order to see your rooms with fresh perspective we highly recommend starting over. That means moving things out. We love moving our furniture from room to room, giving the rooms and the furniture new life. We call it shopping our homes.  And sometimes, as in this case, it was just time to LET GO. This old couch had seen its day and never really fit this room. As soon as I removed it, I was able to start to visualize the space in a new way.

Make sure to shop this amazing farmhouse slipcovered chair that Julie and I are loving.

2. DIY Hacks: Repurpose Old Furniture

Paint furniture and give tired, old pieces a brand-new look. Add a slipcover, reupholster, or even use fabric paint to bring new life to old pieces. Don’t have any old pieces to repurpose? Shop local vintage markets or Goodwill with repurposing in mind. We have lots more tips on how to use chalk paint if you need to refresh your skills or have questions.

3. Add Greenery

Whether you choose artificial or real plants are a dramatic addition and can bring your space literally to life. Check out your local Walmart nursery where you’ll find plenty of high-quality, affordable Better Homes & Gardens plants to brighten any space.

4. DIY Hack: Drop Cloth Curtains

This is our favorite go-to inexpensive answer to framing your windows. Our version of  drop cloth curtains doesn’t even require sewing. This DIY hack is budget-friendly, easy to make, and fabulous. Almost too good to be true.

5. Smart Shopping Tip: Shop Value

Do what we do: Shop Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. Think you can’t afford new furniture or décor? Think again. The value-priced options available from our favorite brand will shock and delight you. Can you believe this Better Homes & Gardens Easton Armchair was just $123.00? And this Better Homes & Gardens Oxford Square TV Console just $141.00? We showcase additional examples of Better Homes & Gardens value and quality all over our blog.

Don’t forget to shop this room-changing Farmhouse  Cabinet at an incredible price. Julie and I love everything about this piece, from the color & style to the quality and function.

6. Paint the Walls

Nothing is easier, less expensive, or more powerful than paint. Pro painting tips can make your project faster and more successful. Loving the soothing soft gray tone of my bedroom as much as we are? The color is Modern Gray by Valspar.

7. Add an Area Rug

Rugs make a big impact. It’s the stage for your whole look. Rugs really define spaces within a room and add dramatic affect. Have wall-to-wall carpet? Don’t let this stop you. We love layering area rugs over carpet. I haven’t picked out a rug for this space yet. And I know just where I’m going to look. Better Homes & Gardens has a wonderful selection of rugs at Walmart.com. I already own four beautiful rugs, so I know I love the quality. Now if I could just decide.

8. DIY Hack: Pipe Shelves

Create DIY Pipe Shelves to fit your space. One of our favorite DIY hacks is dramatic, practical and stylish. Your shelves can take up an entire wall or fill a small corner; it’s all up to you. This project adds interest, function, and style to any room at a small cost.

9. Install Crown Molding

Create a chair rail, add ceiling crown moldings, or add board and batten to your walls. You can do the whole room or create a feature wall.

10. Wallpaper

Get creative. Wallpaper is big these days and more affordable than ever. The new papers are easily removable, especially if you choose peel and stick. Make sure your walls are completely smooth if you want to use peel and stick. Try wallpapering the ceiling or just one accent wall. To see how I’ve used peel and stick wallpaper in some recent project take a look at these recent room reveals:

Cool Boys Room Ideas

Kids Study Space Makeover

Budget Friendly Office Makeover

11. Change Out Hardware

Don’t forget the details. Stylish new knobs can make a real statement.

12. Peel and Stick Decals

Use peel and stick decals to create your own mural, design, or patterned wall.

13. DIY Hack: Wall Art

Get crafty by creating your own wall art and framing. Paint a simple abstract design to match your room’s color scheme. Find free printables online. These three botanical prints above my bed were made from free printables and inexpensive frames. There are so many ideas that cost little to nothing. Buy versatile, inexpensive frames like the ones we love from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart and check out our wall art project.

14. Create a Gallery Wall

Again, employ your creativity instead of your credit card. Add small meaningful items to create a wall gallery of photos and decorative items that suit the theme of your room.

15. Smart Shopping Tip

Change out small décor items: lamps, pillows, bedding, candles, and more. With the extensive selection of affordable options available from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart you can create a new look without breaking your budget.

16. DIY Hack: No Hardwiring Lighting

Changing out or adding new lighting does not have to be an expensive endeavor. DIY Hack:  Add wall lights without the cost of hardwiring by using puck lights. These are stick on lights that go one either with a push or by remote. This is a huge cost-saving alternative to hardwiring when adding new fixtures.

17. DIY Hack: Farmhouse Signs

Farmhouse signs are all the rage. They can be expensive. Make your own with wood, stencils, and paint. Check out this wonderful video tutorial we found to create your own farmhouse signs from the amazing DIY Mommy.

DIY Hacks & Smart Shopping

As you can see there are so many fun ways to remake your home on a budget. That’s why we absolutely love shopping Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart for new decor, furniture, and accessories. Their huge selection means we’ll always find what we’re looking for. Their quality and price point mean we stay within budget and feel great about our purchases for years to come.

Our best advice is shop smart, use more creativity with DIY hacks, and spend less money. You’ll be proud of what you created and proud of your money-saving strategies. That’s what happens to us. Instead of experiencing guilt from spending we are so happy with what we have created. It’s redecorating without the guilt and so much reward.

Thank you for stopping by our blog. We hope you got some great ideas and inspiration here. Want more? Keep reading. We have approximately 200 blog posts designed to inspire your creativity and motivate you to live your best life. We invite you to sign up for our blog, if you haven’t already. When you do, you’ll receive special VIP content upgrades only for our subscribers.

Happy Decorating!

jodie & julie





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