25 October 2020

17 Of The Best Cleaning Hacks For Your Car

If you commute, run a lot of errands, or have school-age kids, chances are you spend quite a bit of time in your car. And if you spend a lot of time in your car, it’s nearly impossible to keep it clean! So your options are either to take it to an auto detailer (which is almost always going to be expensive), or you can buckle down and clean it yourself.

But there’s good news on that front – cleaning your car doesn’t have to be hard, take a ton of time, or cost a lot of money! I’ve collected several car cleaning tips and tricks over the years that will help make this chore a breeze. So whether you’re maintaining a clean car, or deep-cleaning a dirty car, these 17 tips will help you get your car clean in no time!

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1. DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner

Use a homemade car upholstery cleaning solution to help you tackle muddy mats, carpets, and any dingy spots on your car seats. Get the directions (as well as some pretty amazing before-and-after photos) at the link below!

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2. DIY Armor-All Wipes

These auto cleaning wipes are really easy to make! Use them to clean and shine your wheels, as well as the vinyl surfaces in your car’s interior, like the dashboard and center console. Learn how to make them at the link below.

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3. Dealing With Dust

A can of compressed air makes short work of dusty air vents and other small crevices.

4. Cleaning Crevices

If dust and dirt is stubbornly stuck to your vents or other hard-to-clean areas, dampen a small sponge brush with your cleaner of choice. If you don’t have a sponge brush on hand, you can always use cotton balls or swabs as well!

5. Erase Stubborn Grime

Use a Magic Eraser to tackle stubborn dirt, dust, and grime in your car. It works well on plastic and vinyl surfaces, as well as on leather seats (though you’ll want to work gently on leather!)

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6. Scrub Ground-In Dirt

If you have textured vinyl in your car, you may have dirt that’s ground in to all those nooks and crannies. A toothbrush can help you scrub deep into textured surface, so you can be sure that all the dirt and grime is gone!

7. Windshield Helper

That grimy film that forms on the inside of the windshield is one of my pet peeves! But this handy microfiber windshield cleaner tool takes care of the grime in seconds. I keep it in my glove box, because it’s also great for wiping condensation off the window in the winter.

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8. Cereal Container Trash Can

Line a plastic cereal container with a grocery bag and use it as an in-car trash can. Especially useful for long drives with the family!

9. Line Your Cup Holders

No one enjoys cleaning up the gunk that invariably winds up in the bottom of our cup holders. Avoid it entirely by placing silicone muffin cups at the bottom of each cupholder. If they get sticky or dirty, just throw them in the sink or dishwasher, put clean ones in the car, and save yourself the half hour of frustration!

10. Keep Wipes On Hand

For the messes that miss the cup holders, keep a small pack of auto cleaner wipes in your glove box. They only cost a few dollars, and you’ll have a lot more peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for any messy emergency!

11. Cover The Back Seat

If you have a furry friend who loves car rides, you may want to invest in a back-seat pet hammock to help keep your car clean! Many of these pet hammocks have buckles, so putting it in the car only takes a few seconds. You can buy one online here, or get instructions on how to make one at home here.

12. Get Organized

Keep all of your important car documents, such as your registration, insurance card, and owner’s manual, organized and clean by keeping them in an organizer. This one I found on Amazon even has a small pad of paper, in case you ever need to swap insurance info with another driver.

13. Wax Your Car

Getting your car waxed (or doing it yourself!) a couple of times a year can go a long way toward helping to keep it clean. Dust and dirt will lift away easily when you go through the wash, and it will also help protect your paint job!

14. Remove Stickers

Use a razor blade to remove old stickers from your car. Hold the blade (carefully!) at an angle, and gently push it under the edge of the sticker. Keep pushing until you’ve removed a section, then repeat until the whole sticker is gone.

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15. Get Rid Of Bug Splatters

Instead of scrubbing and potentially damaging your car’s paint job, go grab your can of cooking spray! Spray a bit onto the stubborn bug, wait a few seconds, then use a microfiber cloth to wipe the area clean.

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16. Box It Up

I like to keep a small box in the back of my car to corral gear like washer fluid, jumper cables, my ice scraper, and more. It keeps them from rolling around noisily in the back of my car.

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17. Keep It Fresh

After using these tips, you car will be looking fresh and clean! But will it be smelling fresh and clean? Make your own car air fresheners to ensure that it will! Learn how to make 3 different homemade air fresheners for cars at the link below.

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