2 December 2020

215 Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners! {What You Need to Know}

Grab your shovel and get inspired with these easy Gardening Tips for Beginners to Pros!

If you lovegardening, or have just been dreaming of that beautiful garden you’d like to start one day, theseEasy Gardening Tips for Beginners to Prosare for you!  You’ll find out what works best and exactly what to avoid when growing your favorite fruits, veggies, and flowers this year!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a fabulous garden.  So go grab your shovel, and get inspired with these helpful Gardening Tips and Tricks you’ll wish you tried sooner…

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28 Strawberry Growing Tips! {How to Grow Strawberries in your Backyard}

Get ready for biggest, juiciest strawberries ever with these helpful tips plus common problems solved!

27 Tips for Growing Perfect Tomatoes Every Time!

Growing plump and delicious Tomatoes just got a lot easier!  You’ll love these tried and true tips!

Free Home Depot Gift Card + 21 Money Saving Tips for Your Backyard Garden Supplies!

Why pay for garden supplies, when you can get them for FREE?

22 Watermelon Gardening Tips for Perfect Watermelons

No one ever gets upset about having a pile of juicy Watermelons in the garden!  Learn how to start growing your own today!

24 Rose Gardening Tips for Beginners to Pros

Check out these tried and true Best Rose Gardening Tips to grow your most beautiful blooms this year!

DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs

Truth be known, I had a great time getting my hands dirty and squishing the cool concoction between my fingers.  It was like I was 5 again.  Love it!

Get Free Walmart Gift Cards + 15 More Clever Money Saving Hacks for Frugal Garden Supplies!

I love using free gift cards to splurge on my garden… and I especially loving pairing those up with deals!  Several years ago, I found the cutest little pygmy palm tree on clearance at Walmart for just $2.00 {let’s just say it had seen better days}.  I snatched it up, trimmed off the struggling lower branches, planted it outside in front of our picture window, and it’s grown to  a gorgeous 6 foot tree now!  So match up your Free Walmart Gift Cards with sweet deals to rack up some serious savings!

45 Zucchini Growing Tips {How To Grow Perfect Zucchini}

Zucchini is so easy to grow and will get off to a great start with these tips…

30 Corn Gardening Tips and Tricks {How To Grow Corn at Home}

These creative tips and tricks will ensure a plump juicy crop of fresh corn!

Free Lowe’s Gift Card + 23 Money Saving Store Hacks for Your Garden & Home DIY Projects!

Why pay for seeds and gardening supplies when you can get them for free?  Check out my favorite tricks to score free gift cards to Lowe’s!

15 Pumpkin Growing Tips for Perfect Pumpkins

Would you love some Perfect Pumpkins this year?  Then you need to check out these fun Pumpkin Growing Tips!!

How to Make a DIY Raised Garden Bed

This super easy to build DIY Raised Garden Bed is the perfect option for hassle free gardening!

DIY Seed Starter Greenhouse {2 Liter Bottle Trick}

This DIY Seed Starter Greenhouse is a great way to get a jump-start on your seeds this growing season!

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Enjoy fresh herbs year round with this easy DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden!

How to Dry Fresh Basil

Never run out… and save some serious $$ moola at the same time.

How to Dry Oregano

This is seriously so easy… you’ll never want to pay for Oregano on the spice aisle again!!

Drying Fresh Rosemary in 60 Seconds

Save money on herbs with this easy trick for Drying Fresh Rosemary in 60 seconds!

How to Dry Parsley Leaves Fast {Dried Herb Trick}

When you grow parsley in your garden like I do, you really need to know how to Dry Parsley and keep it green for later!

How to Dry Thyme Leaves in 2 Minutes!

Making your garden fresh Thyme last all year long is easy with this tip for how to Dry Thyme Leaves.

Growing Green Onions in Water

Did you know that Growing Green Onions in Water is the perfect frugal way to make your Green Onions really last!

Growing Leftover Green Onions in the Garden

This crazy trick is a great way to always have fresh delicious green onions within arms reach!  As a result, you just may never be buying green onions again!

Growing Leftover Romaine Lettuce Trick

This crazy Growing Leftover Romaine Lettuce Trick is a great way to always have fresh delicious lettuce within arms reach!

DIY Wild Bird Treat

It’s so simple to make and your feathered friends will love it!  You will be amazed at all the beautiful varieties of birds that come to visit.

Thrifty DIY Weed Killer Trick

You’re gonna love this frugal gardening tips for making your own Homemade Weed Killer.

Frugal DIY Garden Watering Can

Got an empty plastic milk carton laying around? Check out this easy trick to make a Milk Jug Watering Can!

DIY Fingerprint Plant & Flower Pot

Here’s another sweet and simple craft project for the kids.

How to Propagate Houseplants

Not only can propagated plants be great for you, but they can make nice gifts for neighbors, family, and friends, too!

35 Budget Friendly Gardening Tips and Tricks

Load up on gardening inspiration with these creative Gardening Tips and Tricks!

15 Ways to Conserve Water

These ways to conserve water really are so simple!  As a result, that should make a big impact on your water usage… and bill!

7 Natural DIY Soil Fertilizer Tricks

Are you looking for some easy DIY ways to fertilize your soil?  These tricks are great ways to enrich your soil!

What to Put in a Compost Bin at Home {Composting 101}

Knowing what to put in a compost bin is the first step to creating your own amazing compost for your home garden!

33 Backyard Chickens for Beginners Tips {Raising Chickens 101}

These Backyard Chickens for Beginners Tips and Hacks will have you up to speed and raising your own chickens in a jiffy!

Homesteading 101! {The Ultimate Guide for Homesteaders Today}

Savor every moment of the simpler life and take your homesteader skills to the next level with this ultimate guide for Homesteading 101!

Sweet Little Gardening Gift Ideas

Give someone you love some spring cheer with these fun gardening gift ideas.

DIY Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Got ants??  It’s time to wish them farewell!  Check out these easy DIY Ways to Get Rid of Ants!

17 DIY Bug Repellent Tricks

Got some itchy bugs in your life?  Ready to see them gone, real gone??

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Keep those blooms looking gorgeous with these easy tricks.

Easy Twine Storage Tip

Jute Twine is one of my favorite Craft and Garden supplies, and I’ve got an Easy Twine Storage Tip for you!

So do you want even more Frugal Inspiration for around savings around your home?  You need to try these Creative Tips!!

Creating Curb Appeal on a Budget

333 Brilliant Ways To Save More Money Around The House

200 Easy Frugal Tips To Save You More Money!!

So don’t miss any of the fun!  Stay connected with The Frugal Girls here for more fun and frugal tips…

So do you have any Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners or Tried and True Hacks you’ve Learned?

Share with us in the comments below…


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