2 December 2020

25 Brilliant Gardening Tips and Tricks

Gardening is one of the most relaxing hobbies. And everyone knows there’s nothing better than home grown food. So if you haven’t picked up gardening yet, it’s high time you did! I’ve gathered a bunch of tips and tricks to help make gardening more enjoyable and simpler. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips!

1. Premeditated Leftovers suggests putting citrus peels in your garden to enhance the soil, deter aphids & mosquitoes, and attract butterflies.


2. One Good Thing by Jillee recommends using vinegar as an all-natural herbicide to kill pesky weeds.

3. Martha Stewart recommends building a hose stand so that the plants in your garden can receive their fair share of the water.

4. Every garden needs garden markers and I love these DIY ones from August Wren.

5. It’s best to plan out your garden before you plant it. Martha Stewart’s garden is a great example.


6. Brown Thumb Mama suggests placing half of a toilet paper tube in the soil before planting seeds. The cardboard will protect the seeds from cutworms.


7. Listotic recommends staking plastic forks in your garden to deter pesky animals.


8. Before planting in the garden, it’s best to sprout your seeds indoors. Squawk Fox recommends using eggs shells.


9.  Martha Stewart recommends making sure that your space your plants evenly.


10. Better Homes & Gardens recommends using composted manure that has cured for at least six months.


11. If you want to switch out your plants seasonally, Florida Friendly Plants recommends pot-in-pot planting.


12. HGTV reminds that when planting shrubs, it’s critical to keep their full-grown size in mind.


13. Homes.com suggests planting your garden as close to a water source as possible. You don’t want to be hauling water!


14. Make It Do suggests lining your planters with diapers to help them retain moisture.


15. HGTV recommends figuring out which areas of your garden get the most shade and then planting shade friendly plants–like hydrangeas.


16. Better Homes & Gardens suggests deadheading your flowers. This just means that your should remove withered flowers so that new ones can blossom.


17. The Huffington Post says that when watering your plants it is best to avoid the leaves. Wet leaves lead to mold and rot.


18. Planet Natural recommends watering in the morning because in the afternoon hotter temperatures will lead to humidity which will lead to mold.


19. The Huffington Post recommends trimming and pruning your plants often. This allows for more air circulation.


20. Buzz Feed suggests using coffee grounds to nourish your soil and deter pesky critters. Ask your local Starbucks for their coffee grounds, they give them away for free!


21. Thyme to Garden Now posted directions for growing basil cuttings. You can actually do this with a lot of plants!


22. A watering can is a must for every gardener.  A Journey to a Dream posted directions for making your own!


23. Better Homes & Gardens suggests saving some of your fall leaves to use for composting.


24. For container gardens, Listotic suggests filling the bottom of the planter with packing peanuts to help with drainage.


25. A garden tool container will keep your tools from getting lost. Martha Stewart made one by filling a container with sand.


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