30 September 2020

25+ Easy Laundry Hacks and Tips That Make Life Easier ⋆ DIY Crafts

The housewives are happy doing their domestic chores unless the weekly laundry day arrives. The big pile of the dirty stained and stinky clothes just cause frustration and irritation to them. Doing laundry is not about washing the clothes, it’s about washing, removing rigid stains, drying, ironing and then organizing them for easy approach.

Now you can estimate how time taking task is this and why it creates nuisance for the ladies especially the mothers. But not to worry all the mummies right here as we got some really helpful and quick laundry hacks and tips for you which would make your laundry much easier. After reading these Easy Laundry Hacks and Tips you would surely start enjoying your laundry day for sure.

Different Stain Removing Tips

Using some of your kitchen accessories and other home supplies. You can remove those ugly and stubborn stains without the hand rubbing efforts.

  1. Grab a lemon and squeeze it to the yellow stain area and leave it for some time in the sun and then wash it. You would be surprised to see the stains getting vanished. Thanks to lemons for having bleaching properties in it.
  2. The greasy and the oily stains are the hardest to get rid of but with chalk powder and baby powder. You can say a good b ye to them. Pour any of the powder on the stain wait until the powder absorbs all the oil or grease.
  3. Ink stains are the most frequent stains the mothers come across on the school going kid’s uniforms. The best way to diminish them is to use a hand sanitizer or the hair spray.
  4. To maintain the whitening of your whites you need to add some baking soda in the machine while washing them. One or the half cup would do wonders for a load.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide works wonders on the stain. But you should use less it weakens the fiber of the clothes. Use it only on the nasty scars which are challenging for detergent.
  6. If you have spilled some red wine on your favorite party shirt. Then don’t worry as you can easily remove with a dab of cotton, salt, club sofa or simply running the hot water through it.
  7. To remove the lipstick stains you can use dab wipes or the hair spray for quick and fast results.

Tips to Dry the Laundry Fast

  1. The clothes can be dried naturally in the sun when it is sunny outside. It would not only dry but also have a bleaching effect on the clothes making them more clean
  2. Use a dryer sheet in halves to dry fast and save your money too
  3. Wool dryer balls can replace the dry sheets best as they can be made at home and absorb the moisture thus saving your time and money at the same time.
  4. Use an aluminum ball as the dryer alternative to the sheets. And the best thing about it that you can use it again and again having softening effects.
  5. Putting a clean towel in the machine would also dry up the clothes fast by absorbing all the moisture.
  6. Use a salad spinner to dry your lingerie items like the panties and the bras for fastest results.
  7. For small items like the socks you can use the hair dryer to make them dry fast and ready to wear. This trick is useful for the winters.

How to Get Wrinkle Free Clothes?

Most of us just hate ironing especially on the regular wear stuff. So here we are sharing some incredible tips that would let you skip the ironing option.

  1. Putting some lavender oil and water in a spray can you can create a solution to spray on your clothes right before wearing them and all the wrinkles would vanish away.
  2. Using the ice cubes and the dryer sheet in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes would give you smooth and fresh looking clothes to wear.
  3. The simplest tip to get wrinkle free clothe is to spritz the clothes with water and toss them in the dryer for 5 minutes and its ready to put on.
  4. Let the clothes hang on the shower rod, run the water on hot and close the door. After 10 to 15 minutes all the wrinkles would go with the steaming effect.Make sure the clothes are away from the shower so that they do not get wet.
  5. You can also buy a wrinkle free spray from the grocery store to enjoy more convenience.

Learn about the Water Temperature for Laundry

  1. You need to use cold water to wash the clothes like knit, delicate, denims, colors and that have a tendency to shrink.
  2. Warm water would be best to clean the whites and the light colored clothes.
  3. Hot water to b used for those laundry items which are stained heavily like the wash clothes of the kitchen and the bath towels.

Basket System To Organize Clothes

  1. Use a couple of or more baskets in your laundry room. You can use each basket to hold a type of clothes thus you can wash them easily and get them easily organized in the baskets after drying up. This would work best for the big families.

Bonus Tips

  1. You don’t need to wash your denims as you can just put them in freezer for a month to kill the germs and the stinky odor and wear them again without the fear of faded color of your favorite jeans with multiple washing.
  2. Washing your towels in turns you can save them from getting shrunk and fade in color. First wash them with added cup of vinegar and in second wash use baking soda.
  3. Wash your machine at regular intervals using lemon or bleaching powder.
  4. Always use a Good detergent.
  5. Make a small laundry bag to wash the small things like socks so that they are never lost.

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