40+ Daily Life Hacks That Make Your Life Much Easier.

Do you know how to amplify the music sound of your Smartphone? Or what’s the easiest way to open jar lids. All these things are pretty big for one who’s in need, but the solutions are pretty simple.

Who doesn’t love a good life hack? Life hacks are all about making life easier. From people making strawberries snacks to untangle headphones, there’s a life hack for everything. Luckily for us, smart people in our world have created life hacks for these simple every day problems. These are some of the popular life hack’s reality check that everyone should know to enhance your life.

Take a look at some of the ones we gathered to help make your life a little bit more easier. Let us know your personal life hack in the comments below.

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#01. To help create a super strong password nobody will be able to guess, use an accented letter.

#02. Use duct tape to open lids.

#03. To get rid of a stinky odor in a room, place a scented dryer sheet over your fan or a/c vents.

#04. For some quick temporary speakers, put your phone in an empty cup to help amplify its sound.

#05. Take pictures of friends holding items you’ve lent them with your iPhone, so you will remember down the road.

#06. Use tongs to squeeze your lemons.


#07. Is your Nutella jar almost empty? Before you use up all the last gallops of it, try putting ice cream into the jar instead to create a delicious Nutella infused dessert.

#08. Use binder clips to fix broken keyboard feet.

#09. Relieve stress and anxiety quickly by practicing Viparita Karani pose. It’s also good for back pain and menstrual symptom relief.

#10. For moving, this is the best and easiest way to transport your clothes.


#11. Don’t have cooling pad? No problem!

#12. Use a rubber band in substitution of an eraser.


#13. Easy way to clean your keyboard.

#14. Put all of your tank tops on one hanger.


#15. For a quick fix to a wrinkly shirt while you’re wearing it, pull the front of your shirt out and blow dry it for a few seconds.


#16. To prevent your charger wires from bending and (inevitably) breaking, take a spring from a pen and put around the wire.

#17. Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on, and keep paint off the side of the can.

#18. Dunk your cookies with a fork to keep your fingers from touching the milk.

Kristal Bentley

#19. To find small items that you’ve lost like an earring or a charm, cover the end of a vacuum cleaner with stocking.

#20. Wrap a bottle or beverage with some wet paper towels to help speed up the cooling process.

#21. Have you ever run out of room on your kitchen counter while prepping to cook? Pull out a drawer and place the cutting board on it to create extra space.

#22. Use binder clips to hang veggies in the freezer. No more avalanches.


#23. A messy breakfast cooker? Here’s one for you – try putting pancake mix into an empty ketchup bottle to help make more efficient pancakes in a cleaner kitchen.


#24. This is a super tip.

#25. Use Toilet Paper Tubes For Well Wrangled Wrapping Paper.

#26. Take advantage of those handy dandy bread clips and use them to help secure the split holes in flip flops.

#27. Power scrub trick.

#28. Spread beeswax all over your shoes to turn them waterproof.

#29. Use paper clips to help separate/organize all your wires and cables.

#30. It is so easy to find the end of the tape roll now!

#31. How to parallel park.


#32. Use a inside of a banana peel to help whiten your teeth.

#33. For a more creative look, use a LEGO figurine to help organize your wires and cables.


#34. To help organize your keys, use nail polishes to paint each key a different color.


#35. To keep your glass of wine cold but not watered down, place frozen grapes in them.


#36. This tip is for all the travel bugs. Keep a bar of soap in the same area you keep your dirty laundry in your suitcase to prevent stinky odors.

Cupcake Nana

#37. No more crying while bathing.

#38. Not enough space in microwave? Try this!

#39. To avoid having a wet trash bag, place newspapers at the bottom of your trash can so that it’ll soak up any leftover food juices.


#40. How to fold a fitted bed sheet.

#41. To avoid having your boiling pot of water from boiling over, place a big wooden spoon on top of the pot.

#42. The correct way… when you realize you’ve been eating cupcakes wrong your entire life.


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