9 Life-Changing Eyeliner Tricks Every Woman Should Know

There’s no way of putting it nicely: Liquid liner is the worst. But it also gives you super-inky color, a clean edge, and it can stay put for hours. A penlike brush like Surratt Beauty Auto-Graphique Liner ($42, barneys.com) helps with precise lines, and it also helps to break the process into three separate steps. “First, perfect the flick at the end—make sure each flick is even and the same width, as well as symmetrical,” says Surratt. Then do a really thin line over the tear duct at the inner corners, connecting it to the wing at the end. Finally, fill in your winged outline.

Match Your Liner and Your Shadow for an Unexpected Combo

Design: Maureen Dougherty; Makeup: Katie Jane Hughes

Not only does doubling your shadow and liner make it budge-proof, it’s ultramodern. “I love a liner that matches the eye shadow,” says Stiles. “You still get the definition, but it’ll look cooler and more modern than just using predictable black.”

Look Down Into Your Mirror for Better Precision

Design: Maureen Dougherty; Makeup: Katie Jane Hughes

This sounds like one of those tips that sounds good in theory, but doesn’t actually work in practice. Good news: It’s not. (Really. We just tried it.) Instead of using your bathroom mirror, place a handheld mirror on the counter, below your skin. “Look down into it so you don’t have to contend with your lashes, as you would if you were looking straight on,” says Surratt.

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