5 December 2020

Camera hacks and fashion tips

You would have seen some professionals using expensive camera gimbals and stabilizers for shot. Here are some tips and tricks for beginners and amateurs to achieve stability and smooth buttery shots without using expensive camera gimbals and stabilizers.

  1. Use napkin or piece of cloth for steady movement.  

Keep or mount your DSLR/Camera on napkin or piece of cloth on a plain surface which allows steady movement of a camera. Move Left or Right keeping your subject in the frame. This will allow a better and smooth movement shot without using expensive camera gimbals and stabilizers.

  1. Use Camera strap

Holding camera with both hand, one on lens and one on camera body, will give you 2 point support. Use camera strap and put the strap against the back of neck. This will provide your camera an extra support for steady movement. Keep your arms locked and extended outward. It will create tension on your back as a extra support for camera and allow you to pan your camera more easily and provide a stable shot.


  1. Use Warp Stabilizer

It is the simplest of all. For a little shaky and handheld footage. You can simply achieve stability using Warp Stabilizer in effect section Of Adobe Premiere Pro. Simply apply Warp Stabilizer on the clip/shot and see the magic.


  1. Use Rollerblades or Skateboard

Putting some wheels on cameraperson!! This is little bit tricky trick. Skateboard andRollerblades can provide stable shot if the surface is concrete and plain surface. Rollerblades allow movement backward and forward following to the subject. Keep your speed same for leading shots and keep camera stable.

  1. Use 120 FPS Slow motion or more –

Recording shots at 120 FPS or more will allow the camera footage to slow down while editing. And, hence slow motion will slow down the shakes and make it more smooth and stable footage.



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