30 October 2020

Car Hacks

All you need to know in one concise manual

Driving, owning, repairing and maintaining a car can be expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. Car Hacks is here to explain how to use the things you have around your home to improve your car life, and balance your wellbeing in the process. From ensuring you never lose a screw when repairing your car, to spending less on fuel, and using cereal boxes to keep you car tidy, this book will open your eyes to the joys of car hacking.

Author: Craig Stewart has worked on car enthusiast magazines including Classic Ford and Fast Ford, and has also written for tech magazines and websites including T3. He has authored articles on hacking and car design for the Haynes website’s Tips & Tutorials section, and his current project is a 1991 VW Passat estate, which has not remained unhacked.


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