Celebrity facialist Joanne Evans shares her skincare tips

There is a three-month waiting list for appointments with celebrity skin expert Joanne Evans.

With over 25 years experience in the beauty industry, Joanne believes in a holistic, highly personalised approach to skincare and specialises in problem skin, including eczema.

To celebrate the launch of her beautiful new flagship Skin-Matters studio in Holland Park, we chatted to the beauty guru about her top skincare tips and how she stays happy and healthy while running a business.

This is a day well spent with Joanne Evans…

The first thing I do in the morning is have a glass of water, then I stretch for five minutes and jump in the shower.

I have a coffee and pink grapefruit when I get into work, which is great for hydration and waking my digestive system up! Then I’ll have an egg white omelette or a green juice.

I do HIIT three to four times a week first thing in the morning and I walk home a couple a times a week, which is about an hour door to door. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder 13 years ago so I can’t do hours of aggressive work outs because it really makes me feel wiped out and creates added stress so shorter bursts suit me and a good power walk clears my head.

I wash my face with cold water to aid in lymphatic stimulation, then I apply something from the Envrion c-Quence range with a high level peptide serum to deliver my skin all the key ingredients from vitamin A to antioxidants for maximum skin health. And I always apply SPF!

I love lists! So in the morning I check my to do list, go though emails and arrive at work an hour early so I can set up for the day and have my breakfast. I’m then prepared for whatever the day brings.

For lunch I have protein and vegetables for energy and it fills me up for the day. I snack on boiled eggs, crudités and hummus.

I don’t have dinner as such becaue I finish work so late. I don’t like having a heavy meal at night. If I do, I make it a soup or smoothie. Something light.

I am so lucky to work in a fabulous environment, that is so calm, warm and makes me smile every day, plus the ladies I work with, and my clients, are all incredible, it’s just a joy no matter how crazy it is.

My favourite tipple is red wine (organic, of course) and bubbly at weekends, but I’m being clean at the moment because I need to be full of energy and clarity. Plus it’s also great for a liver cleanse and good for the health.

With the colder weather I cleanse with coconut oil and at the moment I’m using the Probiotic Serum by Esse, it goes on like an oil and complements your natural microbial diversity. Twice a week I’ll do an exfoliation with New Skin Face Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads from Amanda Harrington and the nano mask by Mesoestetic.  As I normally get in late I change into my comfies or straight into my PJs, sit and chat with with my husband Mark and put something easy on TV and chill to empty my head.

I tell all my clients to take Omega 3, it keeps the brain and bones strong as well as the skin, especially mine which is prone to dryness. I also take Vitamin D, Advanced Nutrition Moisture Lock, Prebiotic and Probiotic by The Nue co.

I do vitamin infusions – B12 and a reset infusion to help nerves and lowers cortisol. I am a big believer in keeping stress levels low because this can course inflammation in the body and I do anything that can counter this.

I love my feet and hair to be looked after. I go to the Cowshed for my feet as it’s just next door. Josh Wood for hair; David does my colour and Mason does my blow dry – he gives me great advice on my wild hair! I love it there, it’s my heaven. I also have massages with Antonia or Nubia for Lymphatic or Relaxation and Facial Acupuncture with Freddie – all at my Skin-Matters studio.

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I had early menopause at 37 so I researched all things hormones and women’s health. I learned a lot about food and cortisol immunity, so I eat a diet high in protein, greens and antioxidants.

I’ve taken up meditation and do it every day. Love the process of emptying the mind, it’s not easy especially for women.

I’ve learnt that for all things in life, less is more. There is not one great treatment, diet or exercise. Do everything in moderation but regularly. Look after your tummy, surround yourself with people that you love and make you grow mentally and physically and know that it’s ok to say no.


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