27 September 2020

Design & Decorate

HGTV Decorating Ideas and Design for Home | HGTV

Looking for bedroom paint inspiration? Whether you prefer barely there hues or are ready to amp up the drama in your bedroom, we have shade suggestions for all the colors of the rainbow.

Are you looking to transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat? Check out these freestanding and pedestal bathtubs that will h …

By: Maria Conti

Prepare for reclaimed wood, stone mantels and country views aplenty. These 20 rustic designs showcase the beauty of the modern far …

By: Addie Morton

Each detail of your home reveals a little bit about who you are to the world. But have you ever considered how your home should lo …

By: Maria Conti and Lauren Oster

Prepare to be impressed by these bedroom renovations. See how designers transform these nightmare spaces into dreamy retreats.

By: Felicia Feaster

Tour Los Angeles photographer Jessica Zollman’s bright and happy home with HGTV.

By: Leanne Potts

Move over, Persian rugs. Navajo rugs bring contemporary design chops to traditional tribal floor covering.

By: Deanne Revel

Our top designers and editors predict what’s in, what’s out and which design trends will rule the ‘20s.

By: Caroline Alkire

We took a look at our Instagram data and ranked your favorite images from HGTV Magazine this year. So, without further ado, here a …

By: Lili Zarghami

No one knows how to live in cramped quarters like New York City denizens. Crib some of their best space-saving ideas for your own …

By: Morgan Faulkner

As we step into a new decade, our editors dish on how they plan to bring new life into their spaces in 2020.

By: Morgan Faulkner

From genius garage storage hacks to a haunted gingerbread house, we’ve created quite a few pins this past year. See which ones you …

By: Caroline Alkire

Simple but bold, Pantone’s color pick for 2020 will infuse our interiors (and our minds!) with a relaxed confidence we’ve been cra …

Lighting is the essential element to complete any room. Get inspired with these fixtures, chandeliers and unique styles.

By: Kamron Sanders

If you’ve ever read Courtney Quinn’s lifestyle blog Color Me Courtney, you might know the New York City creative’s refrigerator fa …

By: Lili Zarghami

He’s completely at home in front of the camera, but J. Pickens’ true talent is in making masterful pieces of custom furniture righ …

By: Felicia Feaster

A family that loves art, boating and travel remade this bachelor pad into a bright, cheerful home for four.

By: Debbie Wolfe

The Jane the Virgin actress gets a California Bohemian living room make-over that’s affordable and stylish. Take a tour and learn …

By: Maria Conti

Get your fall fix with these dreamy autumnal designs.

By: Liz Gray and Kayla Kitts

See how these colorful rooms embrace some of our favorite hues.

By: Lauren Oster

Lighter than air and smooth as a billowing curtain, this Finnish masterpiece has been transforming tabletops for more than eight d …

By: Felicia Feaster

See how designer Rayman Boozer transformed an 1800-square-foot white box into a personal, stylish haven.

By: Chelsey Bowen

Your home’s two hardest working rooms can be both functional and stylish. Be inspired by these designer spaces to breathe new life …

By: Felicia Feaster

Focused on both sustainability and luxury, this epic five-level San Francisco home will keep some tech entrepreneur very cozy.

By: Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason

HGTV Design Star alum Mikel Welch offers a tour of his rustic-chic New York City apartment.

By: Maria Conti

We’d finally make it through our reading list if these dreamy nooks were in our house.

By: Kelly Smith Trimble

Grab your cowboy hat and your spirit of adventure for a room-by-room exploration of a truly American design style.

By: Maria Conti

These preppy designs have a traditional look with a modern aesthetic reminiscent of classic Ivy League style.

By: Felicia Feaster

A family of six lives large after downsizing to a stunning Sullivan’s Island contemporary home.

By: Maria Conti

Check out these ideas that will really step up your stairway decor game.

By: Felicia Feaster

This globe-trotting young family has filled their Lowcountry home with artwork from around the world and lots and lots of color.

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