DIY Home Hacks – Home Decor, Craft Ideas and How-To’s

DIY Home Hacks – Home Decor, Craft Ideas and How-To’s

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Nothing beats a quiet night by the fire with our favorite glass(s) of wine. But did you know there are some new ways to enjoy yourself with these DIY wine night hacks!

Window shades honeycomb, like almost all window blinds and shades, can be mounted outside the window frame, or they can be mounted inside the window frame. Inside mounting requires accurate measurements, particularly the width. If the width is measured too wide, the window honeycomb shades won’t fit inside the window frame, and if the measurement is too narrow, the shade will let light in on the sides. And if the measurements are very narrow, the window shades will not offer complete seclusion. Calculating the height correctly is also crucial. If the measurements are too short, the shade will fall short of the bottom of the window, allowing in light, and in very short shades, compromise your privacy. The best selling room darkening top down bottom up honeycomb shades at Affordable Blinds are measured in a way that is too long causes the cellular shade material to overlap at the bottom. The shade will however provide privacy.

Mason jars are like an artist’s canvas – the creativity is only limited to the spectrum of your imagination. The best marriage of utility and design though is when you bring together two geniuses of the moment – Mason jars and lights!

We all have scents that trigger a special place or moment for us and candles help! From smells to memories, check out our top 15 ideas for your home!

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