28 November 2020

DIY Plastic Bottle Garden Projects & Ideas [Picture Instructions]

A Collection of DIY Plastic Bottle Garden Projects. Recycled garden can be the cheapest and effective way to start own garden indoor, on balcony and in backyard. Today our Garden Channel is going to start plastic bottle gardens, for celebration of the coming earth day. Plastic bottles are most available materials that can be most is thousands of house and garden uses, cut them and plant herbs, vegetables and flowers, making them as water irrigation systems, make them decorative for porch and garden trees, and more, scroll down to see what you can do for your own garden.

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01. DIY Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots

Image and Instructions: DIYHowto

02. DIY Plastic Bottle Mushroom Garden

Image and Instructions [+Video]: A Piece of Rainbow

03. DIY Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

Image and Instructions: Clever Crafty Cookin Mama

04. DIY Vertical Plastic Bottle Onion Tower Planter

Image and Instructions: Auntie Dogmas Garden Spot

05. DIY Vertical Plastic Bottle Tower Gardening 

Image and Instructions: Container Gardening


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