29 November 2020

DIY PVC gardening ideas and projects

Design a PVC home garden can be interesting and innovative while you dive into it. PVC pipe can be used for just about anything. It is such a magical material that you can make vertical, space saving and self irrigated clean garden for fresh fruits and veggies, you can also use them as planter frame or watering system. We have some PVC projects featured on our website, the fun way to giant knit blanket with PVC is super exciting,  the stacked PVC shoe racks is so easy and neat to keep doorway and closet organized. And as an inexpensive alternative, they can be used for more than just piping. Here is a list of ways to use PVC pipes in your garden and backyard that you may love to start now:

1. PVC Aquaponic Garden

2. DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower

Over 100 plants in 10 sq feet, amazing to start own clean and no garden planting.

Video: FoodAbundance

3. Vertical PVC Strawberry Tower

This PVC pipe vertical planter tower is a great way to grow strawberries, and saving spaces, learn how to make it to make your own strawberry garden here: PVC Pipe Vertical Strawberry Planter Tutorial.

4. PVC Vegetable Shelf

Image: www.tropicdecogarden.com

Image:  comportamentomagro.blogspot.mk

5.  Hanging PVC Planter

PVC Floating Window Planter via A Beautiful Mess

PVC Vertical Planter 

6. PVC Sleeve Planters for Garden

Scatter these planters as lawn or landscape accents. Or arrange them in rows to form edging that also becomes part of your garden. (Tutorial: Lowes)

7.  A-Frame Hydroponic Garden 

A-Frame Hydroponic Garden 


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