22 October 2020

Envestnet | MoneyGuide – Financial Planning Software

Envestnet | MoneyGuide – Financial Planning Software

Visually illustrate strategies that smooth clients’ tax burden.

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MoneyGuide offers three dynamic configurations to build and scale your ideal financial planning offering:

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[1] Financial Planning Tech Survey 2018

Helping clients define and prioritize Goals can also help them put their financial decisions into perspective. MoneyGuide helps clients define and prioritize their Goals into Needs, Wants and Wishes before meeting with you.

More Features

Using sliders, this unique interactive feature allows clients to vary plan elements that are within their control, e.g., retirement age, goals and savings, and immediately see the impact

More Features

What Are You Afraid of? is a dynamic presentation feature allowing you to plan for factors outside of anyone’s control and answer tough questions in the move of a simple slider.

More Features

Map out your client’s retirement years with the Retirement Cash Flow Chart. The chart plots out the various goals, options, surpluses and shortfalls that can happen over the life of the plan, based on your client’s plan inputs.

More Features

Use MyBlocks to maintain, strengthen, and engage clients of all ages and financial situations by facilitating ongoing advisor-client collaboration. Help clients set realistic expectations, discover powerful answers to complex questions, and deliver control and choice within a familiar user interface.

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COVID-19: Weekly Client Update

View the latest update from Bill Crager on the steps that Envestnet is taking to ensure the continuity of our service and the health and safety of our amazing staff who delivers it.

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