Garden Tips And Hacks That Will Help You Be a Gardening Expert

Looking for some easy garden tips and hacks? If you are just getting started with gardening, this collection of 20 easy garden tips and hacks will help you activate that hidden talent of yours and develop this wonderful hobby!

Gardening is more than just entertainment. It is considered a relaxing activity to many people because it helps you unwind and connect to nature. It also provides satisfying and refreshing results when you see your very own flowers and plants bloom right before your very eyes. You can even grow your own food from a backyard garden. To help make things a bit easier, I’ve put together this 20 easy garden tips and hacks list. Learn and enjoy!


1. Make a Seed Tape


Want to have a well-spaced garden but don’t have the budget? No, worries you can definitely make your own seed tape and save a lot. See how to do it here.

2. Giving Seeds What They Need to Survive in Stasis

Just like us, the seed needs some essentials to survive. So, make sure that you have provided them just that! Check it out here.

3. DIY Watering Cans

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Don’t have a water can, but have an empty milk bottle? Then, turn into a watering can for your seed trays. Check it out here.

4. Kill Squash Bugs and Eggs with Duct Tape

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If you already have duct tape in your supplies, you have nothing to lose when trying this out. See it here.

5. Homemade Fertilizer from Compost

Pretty sure your plants would love to have homemade fertilizer rather than having all the chemicals from commercial ones. Learn how to make it here.


You’re gonna love these gardening ideas that don’t cost a dime!

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6. Garden Hose Guide


Make a garden hose guide to your garden beds. This will help you avoid dragging the hose across delicate plants when you’re watering. Check it out here.

7.  Tips on how to Plant and Grow Beans

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Beans are one of the most popular vegetables that you can grow in your garden. Enjoy the abundance of this delicious vegetable! Check out the tips here.

8. Build the Ultimate Raised Garden Bed

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You can definitely grow delicious vegetables, herbs and fruit at home. Raised garden bed makes gardening easier for planting, weed control and harvesting. See how you can build your DIY Raised Garden Bed here.

9. 10 Tips For Growing Perfect Tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes is easy and will reward you deliciously. Don’t forget to grow this vegetable when you start your garden! See the tips for growing perfect tomatoes here.

10. DIY Potato Tower

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Want to plant a potato but don’t have that space? No worries! You can do it in smaller spaces by building a potato tower. Learn how to do it here.

11. Soil Testing The Pioneer Way (No Equipment Needed)

Basic information about the texture of your garden soil can help you specify how the soil absorbs water, and if it needs some help by adding fertilizer, mulch, compost or other soil amendments. See how you can do it here.

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12. 8 Culinary Herbs that Grow Well in the Shade

If you’re planning to grow some herbs but your garden is in the shade, then it is important to know what herbs are best for your garden. Check it out here.

13. Natural Organic Pesticides

Natural organic pesticides are easy-to-make, inexpensive and totally safer than the commercial ones with chemicals. Check it out here.

14. Improve Garden Soil Using Eggshells

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Egg-shell is a perfect ingredient to improve your garden soil condition. It adds valuable nutrients to the soil which are essential for cell growth in all plants. See it here.

15. Uses of plastic bottles in Your Garden

You would never throw your plastic bottles again! It has plenty of uses for your garden. Check it out here.

16. Grow Green Onions From Scraps

Did you know that green onions are the easiest food scrap to regrow? Drop a leftover green onion root in a glass with enough water to cover it. See the full tutorial here.

17. Self-watering Planters Using Wine Bottles


You will love this amazing idea of using wine bottles to become self-watering planters. It’s another way of recycling that you can apply to your garden. Learn how to do it here.

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18. 25 Flowers to Plant for Summer | Summer Flowers

If you wish to enjoy the beautiful blooms in summer, it is a must that you know which flower is best for the season. Check it out here.

19. Top Medicinal Herbs To Grow At Home | Homesteading Tips

It is also not a bad idea to have medicinal herbs in your garden. Enjoy both beautiful greens and medicinal benefits! Check it out here.

20. Weeding Made Easy: Tips & Tricks

The common problem in every garden is the annoying weeds that grow everywhere! Worry no more! We have this natural way to get rid of them. Learn how to do it here.


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