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Are you a salad lover? What if you’ll have a fresh produce just right in your kitchen? Don’t you think that’s cool? That’s great! You can have an indoor salad garden whatever the season may be. Since you’re the one who’s going to plant and take care of it, you’re sure that you’ll get an organic salad for your meal one day. How exciting!

Eating organic vegetables contributes a lot to our health. This means you are not taking in chemicals that are absorbed by the plant. The greens that are easy to grow indoors are arugula, chives, Bibb lettuce, loose leaf, cos lettuce, snap peas, radish, mustard green, and spinach.

Here are the Steps on How to Plant an Organic Indoor Salad Garden:

1. Get a seeding tray, fill it up with soil (seeding mix or less potting soil) and then pre-moisten it.

2. Check the proper depth when you sow seeds in the tray. The depth varies depending on what kind of seed you are planting. You should read the packets carefully about this information.

3. Place the tray facing a window in a south or west direction that will make it warm enough. It should not have a cold-air draft. For the seeds to germinate it needs enough warm or else you will have to place them on a seeding mat to get the correct temperature which is 61 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Be sure to moisten the soil and label the seeds.

5. Once the seeds have germinated, you have to thin out the plants and place them in a bigger pot. This will give them room to grow. A 4-inch pot is just right.

6. To prevent leggy growth, you must maintain a grow light on your young plants. You’ll have spindly plants when they don’t get enough light or the light source doesn’t reach them enough.  Make sure the grow light is close to but should not touch the young plants. It’s a bonus when you get those with adjustable heights.

7. Bear in your mind that your plants need 12 to 14 hours of light every day.

8. Since you want an organic indoor salad garden, make sure to use an organic fertilizer.

9. When it’s ready for harvest time, pinch off the leaves only when you need them. This will promote new growth. You need to do this because lettuce becomes bitter when it reaches its complete growing cycle. To have a continuous supply, replant as you harvest.

Now that you know how to plant an indoor salad garden, you will have fresh greens just when you need them. You’ll not have a medical assistant salary to do this but it’s so nice to eat something healthy and you know where it came from. Continue living green!


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