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Over the last month all our worlds have been turned upside down and inside out. But there has never been a time when a garden has been more important to our physical or mental well-being. A garden or allotment is a privilege and a luxury but a balcony, window box or a window sill that we can grow some plants on can all enrich our lives and bring a perspective to these troubled days.

Polly James1 April 2020April tips, 2020, Gardening, Spring

March 2020

I apologise for being a little late with my update this month but I have been buried in a book (which will be published this September and is about all the wildlife here in this garden) and lost track of the days.

What with some of the wettest weather I have known in my life, February was a strange month, so it is a relief to arrive at March.

Polly James1 March 20202020, Gardening, Spring, March tips

February 2020

I know that there are those that find February the cruellest month- the straw that breaks winter’s back – but I love it. Regardless of the weather or the state of the garden, Spring is coming and the days that hang so heavy in the weeks up to Christmas, are getting lighter in weight as well as day length.

Adam Don1 February 2020February tips, 2020, Gardening, Winter

January 2020

Whereas I have a real sense in November and December of the year folding in on itself and the garden at best retreating but more often cowering from the lack of light, January always brings with it a slow unfurling. There may be – there usually is – snow and ice to come but that is a temporary inconvenience. The progression is unstoppably forward. But gently.

Polly James1 January 2020January tips, 2020, Gardening, Winter

December 2019

November 2019 was one of the wettest months for a very long time. The fields around the garden remained flooded all month and as the rain increased or backed off, the flood waters rose and fell into the garden like a tide. We have known this before and accept it as part of our winter weather but it makes gardening difficult and, at times, frankly unpleasant.

Polly James1 December 2019Gardening, December tips, Winter

November 2019

Climate change has meant that November has become one of the busiest months in my garden. 20 years ago we used to prepare the garden for winter in October in the certain knowledge that November would bring days – if not weeks – of some cold, sharp frosts.

Polly James31 October 2019Gardening, November tips, Autumn

October 2019

The first three weeks of September this year were as good as I can ever remember them. In fact one of my neighbours – a sprightly 90 year old – told me that the last time that he remembered a September as good as this was the Battle of Britain – 1940!

Autumn, October tips, GardeningPolly James1 October 2019Autumn, Gardening, October tips

September 2019

The summer is drawing to a close but it usually manages to do this gracefully throughout the month of September. I may live to eat my words – September has been known to be cold and wet and climate change is challenging all preconceptions and experience – but by and large it is a lovely month with daytime warmth, nights that are pleasantly cool and a special light that has real elegance.

SeptemberPolly James4 September 2019Gardening, September tips

August 2019

Although August is the month of holidays and high summer, it is also when the garden can start to become a little careworn. Actually this fading tendency tends to be worst at the beginning of the month and as we go towards September – at Longmeadow at least – it seems to pick up pace again.

Gardening, Summer, August tipsPolly James12 August 2019Gardening, Summer, August tips

July 2019

Whereas July 2018 was part of a long hot, dry spell, this year Longmeadow starts the month sodden after a particularly wet June. But, by British standards at least, July is always warm so midsummer rain means lushness and green everywhere along with the intense colours of the high summer borders.

Summer, 2019, JulyPolly James11 July 2019July tips, Summer, Gardening

June 2019

The whole year reaches for and aspires to the month of June. The days reach their peak on the 21st and Midsummers Day – June 24th is the high point of the year. So the first, most obvious but far the most important thing is to enjoy your garden as much as possible in every way possible. Do not let a moment slip by.

Webster Wickham10 July 2019Summer, June tips, Gardening, Midsummer

May 2019

I do apologise for being rather late with this May update – but I have been away in America on the first trip of the ‘Monty Don’s American Gardens’ series that will be shown early next year. We filmed in Washington, Virginia, South Carolina, Miami, & Louisiana.

2019, SpringPer Tornberg6 May 2019Spring, Spring flowers, Gardening, May tips

April 2019

Lunch outside is the measure of good weather in Spring. The first day you can have lunch outside without freezing to death whilst simultaneously pretending that you having a great time and longing for a really hot fire to stand by, is either a freak of climate change or – April.

Per Tornberg1 April 2019April tips, Gardening, Spring, Spring flowers

March 2019

Of all the months of the year March is the most fickle. If it flatters, it does so only to deceive. If it threatens, it just as quickly cajoles. Last March, here at home we had snow, ice and a wind from the arctic that cut through every layer of clothing like a knife.

Per Tornberg1 March 2019March tips, Spring, Spring flowers, Gardening

February 2019

I know that many people find February a difficult month. Winter had gone on too long and Spring seems too far. But I like February. I like the way that it opens out and releases the valves for Spring. I like the way that the days reach out, stretching, limbering up.

Per Tornberg1 February 2019February tips, Gardening, Winter

January 2019

There is a hawthorn in the boundary hedge of my garden. It is a scrubby affair, not much more than a bush really, but every mid-January the sun lingers just over the top of it before dipping down over the horizon across the fields.

January tips, WinterPer Tornberg31 December 2018Gardening, January tips, Winter


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