3 December 2020

Gardening Without a Garden: 9 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony

Published: Mar 8, 2012

Few things are more satisfying than growing your own food. Few things are more frustrating than being a garden lover trapped in a teeny-tiny apartment. What to do? Here are some gardening projects that will work on even the smallest patio or balcony…plus tips for growing citrus indoors if you don’t have a balcony at all.

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1. Increase growing space on a tiny balcony with this DIY pallet garden.
2. Canning jars mounted to the wall are cute and practical.
3. Possibly the cheapest and easiest gardening idea I’ve seen yet…re-purpose an old shoe organizer.
4. Here’s another vertical solution. You could grow an entire salad.

5. Gutters easily mount to a wall or balcony railing for plants that don’t have deep roots.
6. This patio garden is made from a couple of galvanized tubs stacked together.
7. How to make a container water garden.
8. If you’re looking to grow larger plants, these self-irrigating planters made from plastic tubs are a great idea.
9. For those of you with no outdoor space, here are some tips for growing citrus indoors. Bonus: your apartment will smell amazing.

Looking for plants that will work well in your container garden?

→ The Best Foods to Grow in a Small Space Container Garden

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