30 October 2020

Gardenscapes Cheats & Hacks | Free Lives

Gardenscapes: New Acres is one of Playrix’s most successful creation as it consolidates the city-manufacturer and match-three perplex amusement classifications to make for a one of a kind affair. Like most match-three games, you have a specific number of lives, which are the vitality of the game and represented as hearts. Once you lose them, you need to sit tight for them to return, despite the fact that there are approaches to get free lives. Find out some of the Gardenscapes cheats that we have prepared to cut down that waiting time!


Here are some Gardenscapes cheats and hacks on how to get free lives in the game. As it costs a whopping 900 coins to add 1 life to your vitality bar, your most solid option is to link your Gardenscapes account with your own Facebook account. Thereafter you can approach your Facebook friends for some extra lives and vice versa. This way, you will be able to have an unlimited supply of lives as long as your online friends are responsive to your requests.




In the occasion in which you do not have any Facebook friends to rely on as they do not play the game, the most immediate step that you should make is to send your Gardenscapes invites to them! As good things are meant to be shared, share this awesome match-3 game with all your friends. Let them download the game and give it a try! We bet they are going to love it!


Otherwise, if all else fails, you can still resort to the community, where you’ll find like-minded individuals. Go to the App Store or Google Play reviews sections and search for individuals who are also finding Gardenscapes friends. Likewise, look at forum posts for posting their own solicitations on the request that they are finding individuals to add on Facebook for the extra lives. Add them and send lives to them. Be proactive! Request them to send you some lives as well. Do this and you can continue playing everlastingly, hypothetically.


There are also times where you are going to lose on a level and you have maybe a couple moves left until the point when you beat the stage. Spend the 500 coins and get the five additional moves with an end goal in mind. 500 coins for five additional moves is considerably less expensive than 900 coins for a refill of your lives. Hence do not always think that the 500 coins for just 5 extra moves are too expensive. Miss the chance and you may have to waste a few more lives to get that perfect game board.


Each level has an objective, cases of which incorporate gathering a specific number of components (e.g. pears, blooms, apples, glasses of lemonade, puzzle sacks, berries, angling drifts), finding garden elves, uncovering emeralds, setting off fireworks, or expelling ivy. Gardenscapes comprises various regions. By finishing match-3 levels, players gain stars and coins to finish assignments and advance through the storyline by opening new territories. Facebook named it the session of the year in 2016.


As of April 2017, ZDNet evaluated that Gardenscapes had been downloaded to Android gadgets in excess of 10 million times, positioning it #11 on the Android Play Store download list, and had created add up to income surpassing $150 million. By November 2017, add up to downloads had surpassed 92 million.


The gameplay of Gardenscapes is relatively simple and the controls are easy to use. To build new elements in your garden using coins and stars earned from completing the match-3 levels. So no matter what you’re doing, you’ll be doing something fun. There’s always something to look forward as you progress in the story. Read our Gardenscapes guide and find out how you can clear those challenging levels without spending extra lives!


Download the game now and start building your dream garden today!


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