‘Gardenscapes – New Acres’ Tips, Hints, Cheats And Hacks

Gardenscapes – New Acres is the second generation of the popular Gardenscapes game, originally based on Facebook, and created by Playrix.

While the original Gardenscapes game involved solving hidden object puzzles, the newer Gardenscapes – New Acres is a match-three game combined with a gardening simulation. It is an unusual combination by any account, but somehow it is a combination that works.

Players earn gold stars by completing match-three levels, and then use the stars to complete tasks in their quest to renovate a garden on a huge estate. A jovial butler named Austin guides the narrative.

Coins are earned in each match-three level, and can be redeemed for bombs and other power-ups which assist in passing levels.

With the game increasing in popularity, searches for Gardenscapes hacks and Gardenscapes cheats are on the rise. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people are taking advantage of gamers’ desire to earn free coins without having to pay real-world money for them, and are creating fake pages and apps that purport to generate free coins, but instead collect personal details to add users to spam lists.

If you’re a Gardenscapes fan, read on for actual tried-and-true tips, hints, and cheats to help you progress in the game without spending your real money, or being caught by spammers.

Resist Buying Extra Moves

As Playoholic noted, when you run out of moves on a level, Gardenscapes will encourage you to spend 900 coins to continue playing. Resist the urge to do so, as the hefty price of 900 coins will buy you only five extra moves, whereas the same amount can buy you five additional lives when you run out.

Know Where Your Gnomes Are

Gamezebo noted that the position of gnomes will change each time you attempt the same level. If you’re reattempting a level you didn’t complete the first time, don’t look for gnomes in the exact same positions, as they may have changed.

Similarly, gnomes can be seen peeking through patches of grass. The lighter colored grass takes two matches to clear, but the darker grass takes only one match to clear, and will show tiny areas of white if a gnome is hiding underneath.

Check the Official Videos

Gardenscapes have an official YouTube channel and it’s a wealth of information. Playrix notes the levels that players are struggling with, and will often make a video with hints specific to that level. If you’ve been stuck on a particular level for a while, it’s worth checking the official YouTube channel.

Time Hopping

This trick doesn’t always work, but it can be worth a try. If a limited time event has ended before you had a chance to finish, you can try “time hopping” to give yourself more time. To do this, go into your device’s settings and change the date to an earlier date, ensuring that it is within the time period of the special event. For example, if the event ended yesterday, change the date back to two days ago.

This will usually reinstate the special level, giving you more time to complete it. But be careful, because other apps on your phone may not work correctly when your phone shows the wrong date. Be mindful of calendars, alarms, and apps that may rely on the correct date in order to run properly.

Daily Spin

Check in with the game each day, even if just to spin the wheel to win a free prize. The wheel appears each day, from midnight in your time zone, until the wheel is spun. Free prizes are either coins, free lives, or a power up – all of which can be saved until you need them.

Rely on Shovels

While all the different power-ups can be useful, it is the shovels that really come into their own. Shovels are the only power-up that can be used at any stage of the game, while the other power-ups are distributed to the board at the start of the game. Shovels are expensive, but can be the difference between passing a level and wasting a life. Save your coins and stockpile shovels wherever you can.

Do you have any other Gardenscapes tips, tricks or hacks? Comment below, and please share!

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