Gardenscapes Tips and Guide on How to Beat Hard Levels

Let’s find out some gardenscapes tips and guides to beat some hard levels of this game. Lots of people think that beating Gardenscapes levels is very hard task to complete. It is maybe because Gardenscapes match 3 levels are slightly different than homescapes levels.

It doesn’t mean that all the levels of Gardenscapes too hard to beat. Some people find it hard because the one who is playing homescapes as well as gardenscapes game simultaneously, s/he may find gardenscapes levels bit harder than homescapes levels.

That is because there are several differences available while playing match 3 levels of homescapes and Gardenscapes.

But the major difference in Gardenscapes levels and Homescapes level is that you can make square shape of elements and create a power up in homescapes but you cannot make the same square shape in Gardenscapes game. This absence of square shape in gardenscapes level makes us feel that it’s hard to beat.

However, there are only particular levels in Gardenscapes that are actually hard to beat. Just like Gardenscapes level 25 and 29. Beating 25th level is a small milestone for beginner gamers. Let’s see how to beat level 25 on gardenscapes without using a single booster.

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  • Judge The Match 3 Level Before Playing It – Save Your Lives:
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  • How to Beat Hard Levels in Gardenscapes?
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How to Beat Gardenscapes Level 25 & 29 without Boosters? Tips & Guides

To beat the 25th level of gardenscapes without using boosters, you need to complete your objective of collecting 26 gnomes. Gnomes are special statues hidden behind the grass in any match 3 level. You need to release them by matching 3 and more elements above them and clear all the grass available on them.

Try to match 4 or 5 elements in the level to make power ups like firecrackers or bombs. Try to make dynamites in gardenscapes by matching 6 elements in a single move. Dynamites are powerful enough to clear everything in its respective radius. If you are lucky enough to make TNT by matching 7 elements, then it will make this level very easy to beat by clearing everything near the TNT exploding radius.

By beating 25th level of the game, you become eligible to compete in gardenscapes fireworks festival. It’s a temporary event conducted in the game and it’s currently active to compete with others to win various prizes.

As far as gardenscapes level 29 is concerned, it is a bit hard one to beat. But still, you can beat level 29 without using boosters at all. In this level, you need to bring down 6 lemonades to the bottom of the puzzle. To do so, you are provided 27 moves and two rainbow blasts at the beginning of the level.

Use them to clear all the wooden hurdles and let all the fruit elements appear into the level. Now you just need to clear the way for all the lemonades to bring them down with the help of gravity itself. To understand this level, take a look at the visualization below with the level itself.

How to beat gardenscapes level 29 without using boosters

Now that you understand how to beat gardenscapes level 29, you must be wondering how many levels are there in gardenscapes game, right? Let me tell you that there are currently 1775 levels available to play in gardenscapes game. And those all are beaten already by healthy minds living among us.

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However, the game developers are still working hard to introduce new levels in the game with new garden areas. Still, if you want to see gardenscapes complete garden, you must need to beat the 1775th level now to see it.

To complete each garden area, you may need from 20 to 30 stars at the beginning. As there is small work you need to do at the beginning of these gardenscapes areas like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

For gardenscapes area 4, you probably need to have 30 to 40 stars with you to decorate the entire area 4. The quantity of stars needs to complete the garden areas always increases when you complete your all tasks from one garden area to another. Just like that, you are going to need more stars in 5th area of the garden and even more for gardenscapes area 6, 7th and so on. This process will continue till all the garden areas you restored. We also have a great article on homescapes hack and cheats for unlimited coins stars which you might like.

Gardenscapes Tips Tricks & Guide on Effective Gameplay

Honestly, you don’t really need gardenscapes tips & tricks when you have proper gameplay strategy with you. All you need to do is just implement your strategy in a right way to see the difference in your gameplay. Check out following points to know more.

Form Your Own Gardenscapes Tips & Strategy Guides:

However; at the end of the day, sites like is always there to provide all the gardenscapes help to game players. But still, if you want to play this game with lots of fun, then you should implement your own strategy of playing gardenscapes out of the box.

Make an Effective Use of Boosters & Power ups:

Lots of people hesitate using boosters in levels. It is not bad at all to use boosters. In fact, by using boosters, you are saving your valuable coins by not losing lives. Now, there is a new booster in gardenscapes rake is also available to use. Rake will clear entire row and column for you in the level when you use it on any specific element.

However, it is good practice of not using boosters, but not every time. In some hard levels of the game, it becomes necessary to use boosters. Such levels like gardenscapes level 43 will not let you pass it unless you use any booster in it.

Mostly, people use boosters in the game when they have only one life left after trying so hard to beat levels without using boosters. But this method will only lose your lives. Instead, try to judge the level before making any move. If you can make several power ups using early moves in the level, then only move forward and make your first move. Power ups always help us to beat any hard level. Just try to make big blasting power ups like Bombs, Dynamite or TNT. These power ups are best to use in the hard levels to save your boosters.

Judge The Match 3 Level Before Playing It – Save Your Lives:

Did you know that you can choose match 3 levels whether to play it or try another one? Yes, you can judge that which level is ok to play for winning it in a single life. Suppose, you are in a gardenscapes level 45, all you can do is just open your current level and look for the possible matching combinations available to make several power ups in the level. If you did not find any possible matches to make power ups in early moves of the level, then simply press the back button of your smartphone to go out from this level.

Don’t worry, you will not be charged for one life by going out of the level. It is because you didn’t make any move before closing the level. It is a gardenscapes trick to look for the best possible matches in any level by closing and opening the same level for several numbers of times unless you find the best possible match to create power ups with the single move of a level.

This trick of replacing levels will save your valuable lives from losing them on hard attempts. It will also be going to save your coins as you are not going to buy lives when you have sufficient for you, right?

Stay active with game updates:

Whenever the game updates come, you get a chance to win free in-game rewards. Stay tuned for every game update and try to update the game as soon as possible to win best of rewards from gardenscapes. Check out gardenscapes spring story which is a current update of the game where we could win various rewards.

How to Beat Hard Levels in Gardenscapes?

Know how to beat hard levels in gardenscapes game by using this simple gardenscapes tutorial, and understand what are the best ways to implement while playing this game.

In this tutorial, we will more likely talk about events of the gardenscapes. People usually don’t take events too seriously than they should. The events of the gardenscapes are specially designed for you, the game players; who are spending lots and lots of time on the game’s storyline and on beating match 3 levels.

With the help of events like Orangery Flower, Orangery Bouquet, Golden Reserve Special Offer, Magic Hats Fireworks Festival, Electric Show; you get the chance to speed up beating your levels and gain more experience in the game within less time.

By just participating in the events, you get lots of useful rewards like free boosters and coins without contributing much. Now think about it, when you contribute more to events with your cheering attitude, how much you will earn for free, Right?

Events are there to help you out from such a tricky situation which you are facing repeatedly from in your gameplay. It is recommended that you should not ignore the game events and take part in them with full of energy to climb the leaderboards and win lots rewards.

Remember, the secret of beating hard levels like gardenscapes level 65; is that you should either play it with the use of more power ups and fewer boosters or you should play them in the period of events like magic hats or fireworks festival.

Gardenscapes events always benefit us more and save our lots of time too. Just like for beating gardenscapes level 77 or 88 which considered as hardest level of the gardenscapes in top 100’s. You can take help of any of such events to beat them. Wait until any of the event starts and then start playing gardenscapes level 88 or 77. This way, you can beat these levels with some extra benefits of events and boosters.

Wrapping Up

Overall, we learned a lot from this article today. We saw how gardenscapes match 3 levels are different from homescapes. We also learned how to beat hard levels of the gardenscapes such as level number 25, 29, 43, 65, 77 and 88th.

We also understood how important it is to stay updated for any game updates and how to make the effective use of events for our benefit when they start in our gameplay.

These tips and tricks for gardenscapes game will surely help you out when you take all the mentions seriously and start working towards them to beat all the levels of the game easily.

Best luck for your upcoming in game levels and keep pinging us for any help needed.


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