20 October 2020

Home decor: Easy and practical Pinterest home decor hacks you must try

Life hacks can sometimes prove to be very useful and they can be organized in various ways. Many are related to home décor, showing you the ways you can make your home more efficient and functional. You can re-purpose the things you once felt were meant to be in the garbage can and find an interesting place for them in your house. Here are top 3 DIY Pinterest home décor hacks. They are simple, fun and interesting to try.

1. Turn a Ladder into a shoe rack

A ladder can take up a huge space in the house in spite of being useful for only climbing up and down. On the other hand, have you ever thought about the unnecessary space that your shoes and sandals are taking up? With this hack, you can make the most perfect shoe rack out of a ladder. This Pinterest home décor tip will decorate your house in the most creative way. Just re-purpose an old ladder and place it at your desired place. This is an easy hack which does not require too much transformation of a space. 

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2. Hang your curtains with rope 

Did you know these jute ropes can actually be used to decorate your interiors?  You can use home décor tip of using jute ropes to hang the curtains. You can also use this Pinterest home décor tip to make Jute rope tiebacks.

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3. Use the Window as a Headboard

This Pinterest home décor hack will give you an interesting opportunity of making use of your old windows as a headboard. And to decorate and bring the vintage look to your bedroom, you can add curtains to your headboard. This home décor is a must to try on for putting those old windows to good use. 

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