21 November 2020

How to Ask a Girl Out. Creative Tips & Life Hacks

Do you feel insecure when it comes to inviting a girl for a date? Looking for ways how to ask a girl out and not to scare her away? Use these simple but 100% working tips.

Life Hacks to Ask a Girl Out

She may be your friend, colleague, classmate, girl from the street or bar. So, here are some life hacks that can help you to ask the girl out successfully.

Coffee & Lunch

It’s a classic way to ask a girl out. Usually a friendly lunch is not consider as a real date. But you will be together talking, laughing and getting to know each other better. Also, you can bring her favourite coffee at her work. Keep in mind that it will be much easier to offer a date when she knows you a little bit. It breaks the first barrier.


Try to find out something about her hobbies. She may love watching movies, visiting exhibitions, going to skating rings, etc. Ideally if you also share her passion. Offer her to do it together some time and take her agreement. Then you will be able to text or call her and say something like: “Hey! We were vividly discussing Van Gogh last week. Do you remember? There is an exhibition running till the end of this week. We should certainly come.”

Food & Drink

People have to eat and drink. It’s a thing that we all need at least 3-4 times a day. So, it’s one of the most powerful life hacks to ask your crush out. For example, if she works till late hours you can order her favourite pizza or sandwiches. You will be a hero for her.

Another classic example is visiting a restaurant together. But if you are uncertain about her answer, try to formulate it like it’s not a real date. For instance, if she is your colleague you can offer to discuss some project after work. Or if she’s just a girl you met on a party you can tell her something like: “Hey, I’m John. We met at Frank’s Birthday party. It’s a pity we didn’t have much time to talk. There is a nice cafe… ”

Ask a Girl Out with Pets

Pets are barrier breakers and the best relationship catalysts. If you both have dogs you can walk them together in the morning or in the evening. Usually it is quite easy since you will act as the pet owners that perform daily routine. But at the same time you will walk together talking and playing with dogs. And keep in mind that most of people treat their pets as kinds, so take it seriously.


If your crush goes in for sports or if she is an active fan use it to ask her out. For example, if she likes jogging in the morning, offer her to run together. Or if she likes watching football, buy tickets for the best match.

It’s always exciting and fun. Sport causes a storm of positive emotions and adrenaline. For couple hours you will become a team. Use such phrases like “You said you jog in the morning. I personally can’t force myself. May I join you? I really need somebody to follow…” Or “Hey, I know you are a big fan of Knicks. I have a spare ticket to their next game. My friend got some extra job and won’t be able to go. Would you like to go?”

Her Favourite Thing

Each person has own passions. Some girls like good wine or haute cuisine. Others are crazy about rock groups or singers. There are girls that love to read Harry Potter over and over again, and there are some that watch movies of certain film directors.

Use her favourite thing to ask her out. If it’s her real passion she will unlikely refuse.

Text Online

Social Media and messengers deeply invaded our lives. Every day we communicate online via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It became absolutely natural way to talk to each other. So, if you have her number or social media account, you can try to chat with her.

If you know each other, you can just text her.

But if you are a complete stranger you need to do some extra steps.

1. Like couple of her photos (those that you really like).

2. Comment on several of her posts. If there is a beautiful nature just point it out: “Wow, such a beautiful scenery!” Or if you noticed on the picture that she was in the restaurant you also like, comment: “Great place! Love it!”

3. If you are on Facebook and you already liked several pictures and commented on her posts you are no longer a stranger for her. Now just add her to your Friends and when she adds you as well go ahead and text her.

4. Write her something neutral related to her account. For example, “Hey, I’ve noticed we go to the same gym” or “Hey, I like your post about environmental protection”.

5. When you become real penfriends you will be able to ask a girl out over the text.

“3 Yes” Technique to Ask a Girl Out

There is a well known technique in marketing called “3 yes”. Basically it means that if you ask a girl 3 questions and she replies “yes” 3 times in a row, you will very likely succeed.

Here is the example, when you know something about your crush for sure and you are positive about her answers:

“Hey, some time ago you said you like classic literature. Is that right?”

She says: “Yes”.

“I’ve heard you like Shakespeare?”

She says: “Yes”.

“I believe you’ve also mentioned that you like our local theater?”

She says: “Yes”.

“There is a Romeo and Juliet till the end of this week in our local theater. We must not miss it…”

When she says “yes” 3 times it will be easier for her to agree upon going out with you.

Offline Letter

How often do you receive letters in envelopes from your friends? I bet it happens quite rarely. So, if you know that she has a mailbox try to send her a letter like in old good times. Certainly it will be unusual and original.

You may also send her flowers, her favourite cake or pizza to her job with a letter. This way you will make it even better.

Online Dating

A good thing about an online dating is that both of you are looking for the same. You both want to find somebody. All you have to do is to pick the right girl and ask her out in case she is from your city. Usually it’s possible with such sites like eHarmony or Tinder. Otherwise, you can schedule a trip if she is from other country.

Here is the list of the best online dating sites where you can find a girlfriend.

Important Tips

1. Be Confident

When you ask a girl out you must look 100% confident. Any uncertainty will fail a mission. Look right into her eyes, stand straight and speak unhesitatingly. Women like confident men.

2. Don’t Be a Stranger

She should know you beforehands. It is highly unlikely she goes out with you if she barely knows you. Thus, establish a connection in advance. 

3. Choose the Right Moment

The place and time also metter. Don’t try to do it when there are plenty of people around. Also don’t try to do it when she is busy and focused on something else. And of course don’t try to do this when she seems to be in a bad mood.

So, make sure it is not crowded around, she is in a good mood and listens to you attentively.

4. Look Good when You Ask a Girl Out

Clothes do not make the man, but believe me you will get better chances if you look well. Even basic things are ok: good clean clothes and shoes, fresh combed hair, trimmed nails, nice perfume. Even though it is obvious, some men forget about this, but women don’t.

5. Just Do it!

How to ask a girl out? There are plenty of ways and techniques. But the main thing is to act. You need to overcome your fears and just do it. You never know if you don’t try.

6. Rejection is not the End of the World

If she refuses to go out with you it is not a problem at all. Some people say that you have to be ready for rejections. But I will say that you have to change your attitude. First of all, she refuses due to some reason and it may be not related to you. Next time she may agree. Second of all, it’s a precious experience. Don’t get upset. It is easier to consider this as a game and move on.

Final Thoughts

We’ve just reviewed how to ask a girl out. Even though there are no 100% guaranteed approaches, but there are plenty of tricks that facilitate this.

You should establish a connection and focus on what she likes. Be confident and act wisely. Use communication channels suitable for you: talk in person, over the phone, via dating site, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Pick the right moment and proceed.

Good Luck!

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