Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Marino gives the best of both the conventional medical and the alternative health worlds to your business and its employees. Reina Marino is a licensed, practicing MD, who combines traditional health expertise with engaging and effective integrative methods that offer a complete wellness experience. She will support your employees’ bodies, minds and spirits to help improve your company’s efficiency and performance and provide a renewed, inspired and more productive work environment.

  • Do you own or work for a company or corporation and are worried about the increasing burdens of health care costs?

  • Do you wish you could do something to increase employee productivity, decrease absenteeism and reduce the need for medical care?

  • Would you like to provide resources for your employees that will make them less stressed, have more energy and more motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

Your solution is a corporate wellness program designed by Dr. Marino that can help you save money and retain good people by providing health education and lifestyle support for your employees.


Benefits to your employees include:

Improved overall health

Improved nutrition and healthier eating habits

Reduced stress and anxiety

Fewer food cravings

Increased energy and vitality

Increased daily satisfaction


Contact Dr. Marino to find out more about how she can support you and your company.


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