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Budget-Friendly Wedding Favors

After saying yes to the dream dress and the open bar, your wedding budget may be tight. But, dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to help you save with some inexpensive wedding favor ideas. (That way, when your future mother-in-law wants to invite allll of her friends, you’ll be prepared!)

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How to Create a Budget

Saving, watching what you spend, and anticipating emergencies may seem tough, but ultimately, a budget will make your life way easier and cut down on your stress. You’ll finally be able to relax knowing you can handle next month’s bills.

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The Best Budgeting Apps

Keeping a good handle on your finances can be tricky. There are bills, last minute expenses, groceries, car mishaps… the list goes on and on. And on top of all that, we have to remember to save and invest for the future. With all those numbers flying around, it can be hard to keep up with old-school budgeting and saving methods. Thankfully, there are tons of great apps to help you manage your money and save on purchases like a pro.

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Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills

We know finding new ways to save money and reduce your expenses is tough, but we found five small changes you can make to your every day routine that may add up to some serious savings. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally be able to save up for that much needed vaca? 

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