Nationwide Car Insurance: 2020 Review

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If you’ve ever caught a Nationwide car insurance ad, you probably walked away with the company’s signature jingle stuck in your head: Nationwide is on your side. Though Nationwide car insurance does not top the charts for cost or customer service, we are impressed by its comprehensive coverage and extensive discount availability.

We recently compared the best auto insurance providers across the country, including Nationwide. If you’re on the fence about Nationwide auto insurance, read on to learn everything you need to know before signing a contract.

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Two things are certain about Nationwide: It’s been around a long time, and it’s kept up with the industry. Founded in 1926, the company was originally a small mutual insurance company supported by local farm bureaus. Today, Nationwide is one of the largest companies in the nation, and Nationwide auto insurance is available almost everywhere.

Industry Reputation

In our review process, we look to experts like J.D. Power, AM Best, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As a long-established car insurance company, Nationwide car insurance has high ratings in some areas but average ratings for customer experience.

AM Best, a credit rating agency for insurance companies, gave Nationwide Mutual Insurance an A+ (Superior) rating for financial strength. The BBB rates Nationwide at A+, too. Nationwide has nearly 250 customer complaints logged with the BBB in the last three years, but for a company of its size, that number isn’t unusual.

Drivers That Will Like Nationwide

Here are a few groups that may find the best coverage with Nationwide car insurance:

  • Tech-savvy drivers: Nationwide has an extensive online portal for everything from quotes to paying your bills, filing a claim, and requesting roadside assistance.
  • Drivers in the eastern and north central United States: J.D. Power gave Nationwide auto insurance higher rankings for customer satisfaction in these regions.
  • Safe drivers: Nationwide has several discount programs for drivers that go years without accidents or violations, as well as those who take defensive driving courses. Nationwide’s SmartRide® program also gives drivers a discount after they allow the company to track their safe driving practices for a set period of time.

What Does Nationwide Car Insurance Cover?

With nearly a century of business under its belt, Nationwide has a comprehensive offering of both standard car insurance and optional coverages.

Remember that each state has individual laws dictating what type of car insurance drivers are required to purchase. Though we recommend buying more than the state minimum, it can be a good starting place if you’re not sure what you need.

Here’s a breakdown of the coverage you can get with a Nationwide auto insurance policy. These types of car insurance are usually standard with major insurance companies.

  • Bodily Injury Liability (BI): Covers other drivers’ injuries in accidents that you cause
  • Property Damage Liability (PD): Covers other drivers’ property damages in accidents that you cause
  • Collision: Covers your car no matter who is at fault
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: Covers non-collision damage to your car, including weather-related damage, theft, and vandalism
  • Medical Payments (MedPay): Covers medical costs for you and your passengers
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Covers medical costs, lost wages, and death benefits for you and your passengers
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection: Covers you and your vehicle when you get into an accident with a driver with no insurance or a driver with too little insurance

In addition to standard coverages, you can get the following types of coverage with a Nationwide car insurance policy.

  • Roadside Assistance: Nationwide offers two levels of this program with options for towing, jump starts, lockouts, and other scenarios.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement: If your car is in the shop for an approved repair, this coverage contributes to the cost of a rental vehicle. Determine your Nationwide auto insurance limit and number of days when you set up your premium.
  • Gap Coverage: Gap insurance is a plus, as it pays for the difference between the value of your totaled car and the replacement.
  • Accident Forgiveness Insurance: Worried your rate will go up after an accident? This type of insurance keeps this from happening after your first at-fault incident.
  • Vanishing Deductible: Nationwide’s vanishing deductible program cuts your deductible down by $100 per year for safe driving, up to $500.
  • Total Loss Deductible Waiver: If you have a total loss after an accident, you have the deductible waived with this add-on coverage.

Cost And Discounts With Nationwide Car Insurance

The Nationwide car insurance website is transparent about the factors taken into account when determining premiums and deductibles. In addition to the amount of coverage you choose, your auto insurance payments may be affected by:

  • Your age, gender, and marital status
  • Year, make, and model of car
  • Location
  • Driving record
  • Your deductible

Most drivers qualify for at least one of Nationwide’s discount plans. Here are some of the ways you can save money:

  • Bundling: Bundle with other types of Nationwide insurance
  • Usage-Based Policy: Join the company’s usage-based program SmartRide®
  • No Accidents: Go accident-free for a set amount of time
  • Good Student: Maintain a B grade average if you’re between the ages of 16 and 24
  • Safe Driver: Prove safe driving habits
  • Defensive Driver: Complete a defensive driving course
  • Vehicle Features: Install anti-theft equipment
  • Pre-Pay Policy: Sign up for automatic debits
  • Membership: Join a partner organization

We also like that Nationwide auto insurance comes with annual On Your Side® reviews. This service has an agent check in with customers once a year to make sure they fully understand their policy and ask if they want to make any changes.

Nationwide Car Insurance Quotes And Claims

The last thing you want from your car insurance company is a frustrating quote or claims process. Great insurance should be there when you need it the most.

How To Get A Nationwide Quote

As a larger agency, Nationwide has an extensive website and online portal where you can get a quote for Nationwide auto insurance. You can also call in or locate an agent near you to get a sense of your local office and team.

If you choose to submit your information and driving details online, you will receive several options for balancing your policy’s coverage with out-of-pocket costs. You can then complete the payment online if you would like to move forward and download a proof-of-insurance card once it processes.

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How To Submit A Nationwide Claim

The website has a clear setup for submitting claims in the event of an accident. You can also submit your claim on Nationwide’s mobile app or by giving the company a call. 

The online form will ask details such as:

  • Your policy number
  • Details about the accident
  • Information about others involved
  • Where damage occurred on your car

It may also suggest local companies and repair centers to visit in your area that are in-network. When you use a shop within the network, you receive guaranteed repairs.

After you submit your claim, check in on the status of the claim by logging into the Nationwide car insurance website. Nationwide reports that customers are assigned a claims associate who will set up a vehicle inspection.

Nationwide Customer Reviews

First-hand reviews of insurance providers are a great way to look into the experience of working with the company after the quotes process. As we mentioned earlier, some of the top rating agencies are less-than-enthused about Nationwide car insurance, even if Nationwide doesn’t necessarily receive bad marks.

How do customers feel about their long-term relationship with Nationwide? We scoured both national and individual location reviews for some insight. Positive reviews highlight exemplary customer service representatives, while negative reviews discuss rate increases and issues with the claims process.

“The customer service is very personal. I was able to get the plan and [coverage] I wished. Gerry was amazing and worked with me even when I wasn’t able to commit right away. Staff and company looked nice and performed professionally.”

-Vanessa B. in York, PA, via Google

“My rates went up significantly after receiving my first bill. I was baited and switched. Be [wary] of this company, as they did not honor a refund of the amount and had promised my rate would not change. They made an error in the application, and I ended up paying for it.”

-Reviewer in Plano, TX, via Google

“[My agent] even calls me to inform me that there are some items that [need] review. And the review usually saves me money. He is always prompt to return calls and answers all questions very clearly. I feel that I am in the best hands with Abe and Nationwide.”

-Craig I. in Chicago, IL, via Google

“This company has to be the [worst] to deal with! I was not [asked] to be hit by their customer, and all I want is my car to be fixed. They have been no help in dealing with the body shop. They also are denying fixing my car the way it should be. I should not have to get a lawyer involved for a simple accident.”

-Rebecca V. via BBB

Nationwide Car Insurance: 4 Stars

In comparison to many other national car insurance companies, Nationwide stands strong with a few caveats. It does not, for example, offer the lowest rates for everyone. If you want extensive plan options and helpful technology, this could be a great company for you.

Our 4.0-star rating balances the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Nationwide auto insurance looks good for its:

  • Financial stability
  • Availability across the country
  • Coverage options
  • Technology

It struggles with:

  • Customer care, depending on your location
  • Premium cost
  • Quotes process clarity

Use the simple tool below to start comparing car insurance rates. When shopping for auto insurance, we recommend getting quotes from at least three providers.

Use the tool below to collect and compare quotes from providers available in your state:



Our Top Recommendations For Auto Insurance

Are you on the fence about which auto insurance company to choose? When we researched the 12 best auto insurance companies for 2020, a few providers emerged ahead of the pack.

Two companies often compared to Nationwide car insurance are Geico and Progressive. After doing our homework, both came out slightly ahead of Nationwide with 4.5 stars each, and we recommend reaching out for quotes to see what your policy coverage and cost would look like.

Geico: 4.5 Stars

Comparing Geico auto insurance and Nationwide is a bit tricky since Geico is much larger, holding an impressive 13.44 percent market share of the car insurance industry, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Here are some of the things we like about Geico:

  • A++ financial strength rating from AM Best, the highest rating possible
  • 78/100 Reader Score from Consumer Reports
  • Some of the cheapest car insurance premiums in the country
  • Numerous discounts including a new usage-based program
  • Positive customer service reviews
  • Coverage options including mechanical breakdown insurance, rideshare insurance, and roadside assistance

Progressive: 4.5 Stars

Progressive auto insurance also ranked highly in our review, earning 4.5 stars overall. It offers many similar programs to Nationwide auto insurance, including a device that tracks your driving habits and an online program that helps you find the best price for your lifestyle. Other notable perks include:

  • A+ financial strength rating from AM Best
  • Notably low number of BBB complaints
  • Low rates for high-risk drivers
  • Powerful website and mobile app capabilities
  • Coverage options including custom parts and equipment value, loan/lease payoff, and rental car reimbursement

It’s easy to get free quotes from many different car insurance companies before making your final choice. Consider your choices before choosing the company that’s best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Nationwide good insurance?

A: Based on our review of the top auto insurance companies on the market, we would claim that Nationwide provides good indurance. Besides auto insurance, Nationwide offers many different types of of insurance and financial products, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance, and boat insurance.


Q: Is Nationwide car insurance cheap?

A: Nationwide does not necessarily have the most affordable rates when it comes to car insurance, but it offers many discounts, including a bundling discounts, making it a great choice for a lot of people.

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