pathofexile – [Serious] How to get rich? How do I grow my foundation of wealth?

Serious replies only please. My story:

I have a Shavs(not 6 linked) and probably 15 exalts worth of other currencies. (Does not include my gear, which is pretty good) .This is all the wealth I have to show for a year’s worth of playing. I play about 4-6 hours a day on average(more on weekends). And let me stop you there before you cry rich people problems. The amount I have after playing for so long is pitiful. When you have played as long as I have, you naturally have something to show for it by way of RNG. If I did not have the Shavs drop, I would have a pittance.

When I look at my wealth, I don’t feel rich. As I mentioned earlier, if not for the mindblowingly good instance of RNG, I would be a POE beggar. Full disclosure btw: I am not a very skilful player. I can do chaos recipe, farm for uniques, do 76 maps, things like that, but I am not rich. I also do not flip items because I am not very good at trades, but every day I am learning how to be better at it. I am a very inefficient player, in short.

I feel like a stupid player. I feel like I haven’t made the most of my wealth, flipping items and using Procurement wisely. It just sits there and rots. Some of my POE frenemies laugh at me when I try to flog my items in town “lolol I just earned 40 ex from flipping while you were standing there.” Some of them who played less than me have accumulated 100+ exalts in currency and are rocking LL builds. Those POE sages who have only played a few months less than me have imparted some wise advice to me “Getting a Shavs is the start to building up obscene wealth. But don’t sell your Shavs, lol”. I know that there is a secret to wealth, but I don’t know what it is. Guys like jakethebillionaire can do things like buy shavs to corrupt them willy nilly, skyforth can give thousands of chaos orbs away to “give back to the community”, and axn can shit out BIS rares like no tomorrow.

Of course these are extreme examples, but I just want to know how to make my wealth snowball, as people call it. I’m not looking for the usual advice of how to build up some currency because I can do that easily enough. I want to learn how to be a more efficient player to build wealth faster.

All this happens in Standard btw. I’m a mostly Standard player. But I always play a bit of the temp leagues, farm to fund some builds I like before getting bored and then switched back. I also have many failed characters and I took months to understand the game and get the hang of a few more advanced concepts.

Edit: Judging from the responses, I guess I have been far too casual . Need to step up my Path of Economy and Path of Trades game. Thanks for the tips guys.


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