21 October 2020

Tips for Organization and Tidying Up

Are you a lover of all things tidy and organized? Me too! I enjoy keeping things in their place, but most of all, I enjoy creative and gorgeous ways of doing it. If you’re ready to update your living space a little bit, in need of decluttering, or need to repurpose some old items, consider these 13 gorgeous tidy tips and organization hacks! You leave wondering, why haven’t I ever thought of that? Happy organizing!

1. Organize your bedside with this rolling cart

This is so brilliant! I love the color of that cart too:)

2. Wrapping Paper Storage

This is so smart! Use a decorative laundry basket to store wrapping paper!

4. Put Mouth Wash in an Glass Jar 

Use olive oil and vinegar bottles to store ugly mouthwash containers

5. Store Cupcake Liners in a Jar

I’ve actually done this! It is SUCH a cute decoration and it’s effective! Use a clear mason jar to organize various cupcake liners.

6. Nail Polish Storage

This is cute and effective! Use a clear cookie jar to organize nail polish.

7. Add Knobs to Mason Jar Lids

Use a little paint and some knobs to add a decorative touch to mason jars. So tidy and pretty!

8. Hang your ironing board using decorative wall hangers

Why haven’t I thought of this?

9. Store Makeup in an Ice Cube Tray

Bye bye messy makeup drawer!

10. Use a pretty magazine holder to organize your hair styling tools in the bathroom

Great organization idea for small space living!

11. Turn large coffee containers into gorgeous organizational tubs

Think of all the possibilities!

12. Keep Car Seats Clean

Back Seat Saver – Keep Your Car Seat Clean! Use this DIY life hack to tidy up your car and keep it clean.

13. Make Up Brush Organization in Straw Holder

How brilliant is this? You can see every brush, the brushes have 1 distinct “home” now, and they are so organized.

14. Bobby Pins on Magnets

I’ve owned about 6,000 bobby pins in my life. How many do I have left? Four. I have four left. Use magnetic strips to organize bobby pins

15. Ribbon Storage

My ribbon collection had gotten out of control! For this, I used plastic bins with small wooden dowels. It’s ribbon perfection I tell you!

16. Kitchen Cabinet Storage

I found a great way to keep the food storage containers and their lids organized.


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