2 December 2020

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profile pic of the authorZachary of Milwaukee, WI Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Feb. 24, 2020

I got into my second accident in 6 years recently, totaling my vehicle and getting injured. Both accidents were the other driver’s fault and Progressive made a terrible situation a lot more manageable by responding to all my questions and concerns quickly, following up with next steps and making the whole process easy. They even offered options for picking up my payment check at the office to get it sooner or have it mailed. They reminded me about reimbursement for taxes, title and fees on my new vehicle, saving me over $500 dollars. Most of all everyone I spoke with over the phone was friendly and genuinely understood the stress of the situation and offered to assist in any way. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service.

16 peoplefound this review helpfulHeather of Newport, MI Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Jan. 17, 2020

I love this insurance company so far. We haven’t had any accidents so I can’t rate them there. I love the option online to change your bill due date for the next 3 months. It’s not always there, so you can’t just do it continuously but it’s helped us out a couple times. Call customer service is very easy, most people are helpful and polite.

I did have an issue with one person. I accidentally made a duplicate payment to my account and when I called they said the duplicate payment hadn’t posted to my account yet, and to call back when it does and they would take care of it. When I called back a different person said they couldn’t refund payments, and she said something about a 15 day hold before they could do anything. And she said I should call my bank and hope they could fix it. I didn’t like that answer so I called right back and got on the phone with someone else. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes and when she came back she told me she was able to refund it.

So that other person, who had an attitude for no reason, just made all that up. She didn’t try to ask anyone, just told me “too bad” pretty much. I don’t understand people like that. If you have an issue like that with customer service, call back and talk to at least one other person. Every company has at least one person like that, so it didn’t affect my rating. I’ve dealt with enough jerks in customer service that I knew to call back immediately.

Read full review14 peoplefound this review helpfulWe value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily.profile pic of the authorFelix of Kansas City, MO Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Nov. 14, 2019

On October 21, 2019 I ran into a deer. I have been a Platinum Customer for Progressive and never expected to run into any situation. I pick up the phone in my insurance card and from that very moment I was assisted as a very valued Customer. They suggested the auto body shop in Kansas City, MO and at that shop they had a courtesy driver to take me from work into the car rental company and back to the auto body shop. The lady that attended my case at the auto body shop did everything to make me feel valued. The most stressful event I have ever experienced became a learning experience on how business oriented people/employees/employers care for their Customer. Progressive I will eternally be grateful and thankful.

22 peoplefound this review helpfulMartina of Tampa, FL Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 1, 2019

I was a formerly insured by AAA. The day I walked into their office to cancel my policy is when my nightmare began. Not only did the representatives not care about what happened to my policy but I had to do all the legwork by making all the necessary phone calls. Bottom line, never assume someone else does their job. You have to be your own advocate and follow through. After all that, I signed with Progressive. My rates dropped and that’s a wonderful thing. Their customer service is outstanding and I’m treated like a human being.

16 peoplefound this review helpfulJuli of Pottsville, PA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Aug. 31, 2019

I have been with Progressive since 2015. I have never had an accident. My agent is non-existent because I have since moved far from the area where I first purchased the insurance. I have tried numerous times to change my agent, in hope of finding a local agent. I have been wanting to have my policy evaluated for better discounts. I believe I am not getting the discounts I am entitled to and I can’t get my agent to return a call to me to help me out. When I want to inquire about anything it is easier for me to simply call the corporate office. Why then must I be stuck with an agent that is 3 hours away from me? It makes no sense to me. I have no use for this agent and he is no longer able to help me with my concerns.

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Klarissa of Plainsboro, NJ Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 28, 2020

About 6 months ago, I was in a car accident that totaled my vehicle. At the time, I was told by the police that it was not my fault as there was nothing I could do. Progressive also expressed that I was not at fault, even giving me more money. Recently, I realized that my auto insurance increased over $100 for the next renewal. I called Progressive and a woman in claims named Elizabeth told me that I was clearly at fault according to the records. There was nothing I could do, but please tell me why this was not told to me right off the bat. Why was I told directly from Progressive that I was not at fault when they were going to put that I was anyway? In short, I canceled my plan with them and will not be back. This was not handled properly so beware when getting insurance through Progressive.

Be the first one to find this review helpfulBryant of Chicago, IL Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 27, 2020

I will never go back to Progressive Insurance, I bought my first car 2 months ago, and because I didnt have insurance, the dealer helped me sign up with Progressive, and everything was fine until a week ago, when I got a letter from progressive, saying that my policy was being cancelled. So I called them and they said they wanted to verify my personal information which was fine, until I mentioned that I lived with my sister. Now my sister, is disabled does not have, nor has ever had a license, and even if she wanted to does not have the ability to drive my car. But despite all that just because she lives with me, I was forced to add her to my policy which raised my rate. So I got rid of Progressive, and found another company that charges me much less than Progressive did. So I want to thank you Progressive, because if you didn’t screw me over. I would still be overpaying for car insurance.

Be the first one to find this review helpfulprofile pic of the authorSteve of Greenfield, OH Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 21, 2020

A few days ago I called to see if I could drop one of our automobiles off so we could make our payment which we have never missed in 13 years. Have never had a claim in the 13 years. Was told if I dropped the car my insurance would go up even more. Both myself and my wife have lost our jobs due to plant shutdowns due to covid-19. This is the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. I was told you will lose your Multi Vehicle discount if I did this and my payment would increased a vast amount. I will be looking for a Business that cares about their client in the future.

7 peoplefound this review helpfulBrian of Centreville, VA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 18, 2020

Received my 2019 Toyota 4Runner 2650 miles back from the body shop, was hit parked and unoccupied, I look around it and I see the right front wheel is still scratched up, TRD Pro wheels. Progressive’s repair standards state that Progressive shall repair the vehicle to pre-collision condition. That wheel was pristine pre-collision, now it is not. In my opinion, I fully regret having given them all this money after all this time and now they scrimp on a wheel. Look elsewhere.

4 peoplefound this review helpfulprofile pic of the authorDonna of Snellville, GA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 15, 2020

I had my car repoed and needed to find some car insurance. I got a quote from Progressive. There was a mix up with the auto deductions and the company was trying to take out $250.00. I was quoted 182.00 that what was in my account. Progressive cancelled my insurance when I tried to get another policy they requested address verification. I rent a room, I have not lease, I do not pay bills and my mail went to my PO Box. I tried to explain this to progressive over and over again. I advise them I could send them my bankruptcy information or the information for my car registration. They had a list and only wanted what they had on the list, they would not rewrite the policy for nothing. No matter if I called or AAA called to write the policy.

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