25 October 2020

Unique Furniture & Designer Furniture

Whether you’re looking to outfit your entire home, or one small room at a time, our curated furniture collection has all of the focal points and essentials you desire. All in the most delectable fabrics, finest wood grains, and beautiful colors. Plus, with custom options, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll help you build it.

For an extra dose of interior design help, we’ve compiled these do’s to help bring your wildest decor dreams to life.

Mix modern and traditional elements.

A vintage styled headboard with modern crisp sheets, a bold new bar cart displaying flea market finds, or a hand-me-down desk lamp atop a brand new desk. The most design savvy among us know that mixing eras and price points is an easy way to make a house feel like a home.

Let focal points shine.

Go bold with an oversized upholstered headboard. Let your TV stand speak for itself. Choose the sectional sofa that will fit your entire family. It’s okay to let one piece dominate your entire room if you love it enough.

Invest in special pieces.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in your favorite room in your home. Are you lounging on living room furniture, hosting dinner on your dining table, reading from bookcases in your room? Wherever you are, make sure you invest in that space. Go for cozy furniture that will make you feel at home.

Embrace your favorite colors.

Don’t go for neutrals because they “go with everything”. If you love a color enough, it can work with any existing sofas, accent chairs or wood furniture you have with the right home decor pieces to tie them together. Find artwork or new nicnacs for your shelves that include your colors of choice.

Simplify cluttered spaces.

Remember the cardinal rule of storage and shelving. Tuck it away if it’s not needed today. Let your coffee tables, nightstands and credenzas breathe and boast their fine wood grains. This is especially true for small spaces.

Include unexpected fabric and texture.

Colors aren’t the only way to mix and match. Choose couches in rich velvets, leathers and suede to add depth of texture. These visual layers play with our senses and add delight to any living room or bedroom.

Create special nooks.

If you have a large space, consider breaking it down into multiple vignettes. A space to sit and talk with friends, a place to relax, and a place to work. With so many couches, office decor and accessories to choose from, you’ll want every room to be multi-functional.

Embrace the rule of threes.

Pair a pouf with a table and plant. Sit an upholstered chair atop a rug, with a floor lamp. Adorn a nightstand with a lamp, vase and your favorite book. You get the idea: Pairings in odd numbers are the antidote to expectations, yet the most visually appealing pairing.


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