Will these mutual funds help me grow my wealth?

I have invested in the following schemes:

1) Mirae Asset Equity Fund -Reg (G) – Rs 80,000 on 17-11-2017 and Rs 1,15,000 on 15-01-2018
2) Aditya Birla SL Pure Value Fund (G) – Rs 75,000- on 27-12-2017 and Rs 65,000 on 15-01-2018
3) Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund -Reg (G) Rs 80,000 on 27-11-2017 and Rs 75,000 on 26-12-2017
4) Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund (G) Rs 25,000 on 26-12-2017
5) L &T Midcap Fund -Reg (G) Rs 60,000/- on 15-01-2018 6) HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund (G) Rs 62500/- on 01-06-2018
7) L& T Hybrid Equity Fund Reg (G) Rs 50,000 on 15-01-2018
8) L&T Emerging Businesses Fund – Reg (G) Rs 50,000 on 26-12-2017

So a total of Rs 7,37,500 has been invested by me from Nov 17 to Jan 18, a period of high P/E and my risk appetite is moderate to high and investment horizon is minimum five to eight years. Now considering that only 15 per cent amount is invested in hybrid funds and 85 per cent is in multi cap or mid cap, guide me if i need to rearrange my portfolio or continue investing in this way only.

My aim is to grow my portfolio. As of now, I don’t think that I will need this money before 2030.
— Vijendra Jakhar

Veena Malgonkar, certified financial planner, KM Wealth Solutions, responds:

Assuming that you need the funds in 2030 i.e. in over 10 years, you can be aggressive in investing. Further, while building a portfolio of mutual funds also do consider pure debt funds to the tune of at least 20 per cent of the portfolio. A liquid plus fund like Franklin India Low Duration Fund can be considered. Hence, instead of hybrid funds you can create your own asset allocation. If you are looking at hybrid funds, you can consider dynamic hybrid funds which will change its equity allocation depending upon certain parameters.

Amongst the equity funds chosen:
1. Aditya Birla SL Pure Value fund has been under performing
2. L&T Midcap Fund and L&T Emerging Businesses fund (a small cap fund) have many stocks in common. Only one of them can be chosen.

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